I cannot get abattlemap to work? please help!!!

  • So i have downloaded the newest version of the Abattlemap from the link on the forum and it is installed.  I open it up but there is no A3 global map in there anywhere?  I also downloaded the GA3.gim file and copied and pasted it to the abattlemap folder and that didnt change anything?

    What am i doing wrong or what am i missing?  I would really like to start playing on the forums but cannot until i get this thing up and running!!!

    If anyone could please help me or point me in the right direction that would be awesome!!!

    Thanks in advance!

  • I uninstalled and deleted everything and am now starting from scratch. Is there better direction for the computer illiterate to download what is needed to play in the forums?

  • '12

    Do a search on this site, there are a few threads describing where and how to install.  Google it if you have to.  When I installed it last time it came with all the maps, no need to install other packages.  When it first runs it defaults to the original second edition map, select new map should present you with dozens of maps/games.

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