Think the War on Terrorism will get worse before better?

  • Doh!!

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    What took them so long?!?

  • @El:


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    What took them so long?!?

    this is less surprising than predictible.

  • yea i think it will get worse, its gotta hurt to heal 😉

  • Okay my random spree of drunken postings will end now, and begin a more serious note. I posted about this in another thread and it scares the hell out of me esp. due to where I just moved too. No other country has had to deal with this type of attack that we endured on 9/11 and I mean that. Sure there had been countless deaths and injurys in the Middle East and the reorganized USSR over the past few years but nothing like this. Yet we have our cowboy puppet waving his arms out saying “Is that all you got, bring it on cuz we have the A Team and you suck” in some form of diplomatic posture that will make people think twice about ramming planes into our landmarks and blowing up major civil centers across our land.

    I am a small town boy coming from middle America and now I am thrust right into DC and all the neat terrorist spots it contains. This is something shocking to me as when I left Kansas all I had to worry about during an all out nuke throwdown to my home town was a secondary target, being it had the 3rd longest runway in the US, so that was some form of yeah I feel the war pain type deal but it never amounted to this type of terror in my heart. I remember when The Day After was aired on tv a few years back….that scared the living bejesus out of me but what I fear now pales in comparison. You can at least know that nukes are coming and try to hide or make amends with your god…but when some dude comes running into your favorite cafe on the corner or hijacks a plan and flys it into the Sears Tower you can’t know, you can’t prepare for that type of devastation…you can’t make your peace. For the past few years this is an everyday occurance across the globe in countless cities but living in the US we were sheltered from it all. But not anymore I fear and soon it will only get worse…

    Can you imagine the US as a country of isolationism and red flags to all that would try to enter after being such a welcome becon to those that would have any other chance but to try and make it here? I am just not prepared for that type of a senario and I believe many others are not as well. I don’t know I have been up too long tonight and could be silly but even out neighbors to the north and south should start to be concerned that the effects of what our president does now will have a direct effect on their countries in the next 2 to 5 years. Like this statement or not…what happens to the world when the policemen of the world fall back and stop caring due to the conflict and damage faced in their own homeland.

  • LOL!
    haxorboy wrote:

    “Is that all you got, bring it on cuz we have the A Team and you suck”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didnt even read the rest of your post! thats just too funny

  • Wow, you just said a mouthful there haxorboy. 😛

    First of all, I believe (but correct me if I’m wrong) that Bush’s comment “bring it on” was directed at the rebels disrupting the rebuilding in Iraq, not Al-Qaeda. As you must know haxor, it was al-Qaeda that crashed planes into our buildings, not Saddam Hussein’s goons. 😞

  • Terrorism may be worse now, but if the US had done nothing after 9/11, what would that say about the US? 9/11 was a major kick in the pants, and beefing up airport security or tightening immigration laws just would have given people a sense of justice.
    But terrorism will never end. There will always be a handfull of fruits in every nation who think theirs is being exploited by other regimes. When their government can´t give these fruits what they want, they take matters into their own hands. It starts small: In Denmark, people who are dissatisfied with American policy, trash McDonalds and the American Embassy. It´s also terrorism but on a smaller scale.
    UK has major problems with terrorism: All those bomb-threats from the IRA. Still, yet no disaster as great as 9/11.

  • I think the major difference between those terrorists in Denmark and the UK is that they weren’t willing to give their lives for their cause. You’re completely right though morten. 😞

  • Good job, mortie!

    I believe the next terrorist attack will come in a small town to show the US citizens that terrorism can reach anyone anywhere.

  • Terrorism in a small town isn’t high profile enough. Al-Qaeda wants to disrupt our economy and way of life, and bombing Hickville, North Dakota isn’t going to affect the greater amount of people in this country. However, the WTC and it’s thousands of people touched the lives of most of the population of this country. So, no, I disagree. I think the next terrorist attack will come like 9/11, where the greatest amount of people are targeted for the greatest amount of destruction.

  • I dare anyone to guess where the next “hit” is going to be. Mostly because if you turn out to be right, there will be several armor-clad people knocking down your door a few minutes later asking you (with the aid of a large rubber hose) how you knew where the attack would come. Call me crazy, but THAT would make me laugh.

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