• Was wondering what the Uk turn 1 and turn 2 builds should be? For example Germany nearly always threatens with sealoin while destroying the Uk home fleet on turn 1. Therefor the Uk is forced to build a defence in Uk territory and cant spend on Navy or units for South Africa to help prevent the Italians now certian (due to their enhanced fleet and airforce due to Alpha 3) conquest of Egypt and the Middle east (lots of National objective for Axis in this area) With this in mind, it seems to me that by turn 3 or 4 the axis are well on their way obtaining a huge bonus to their IPC income. Any thoughts on this would be great.

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    UK 1 and 2 builds:

    First decision, are you trying to stack infantry in London to defend against Sea Lion, build a few naval units in turn 1 to attack Germany in turn 2, or just stacking units in Canada and Africa and abandoning London?  I think the first option is pointless, you could build 9 infantry turn 1 and near nine on turn 2, but every time I play with defend options using the combat simulator at the dskelly site, London falls.

    The second option is more interesting, you could consider building submarines, destroyers, or aircraft to support a turn 2 attack.  The ships from the med have to choose between attacking sea lion or shutting down Italy, you don’t have enough ships to do both.  If stopping sea lion, then pile up ships in sea zones 91 and 92 on turn 1.  The ships in sea zone 91 will attack on turn 2, the ships in sea zone 92 will move to sea zones 110 and/or 109 to be annoying later.  The turn 2 attack against a full bore 13 transport Sea Lion will have 5 air craft defending sea zone 112, a cruiser, an air craft carrier, and a battleship.  The UK navy attack could be a bomber, 4 fighters, 4 submarines (better than three destroyers as german aircraft could pick off the destroyers), 2 cruisers, and a battleship.  Turn 2 unit buys are more naval units to harass the German navy if the turn 2 attack fails.

    The third option of abandoning London and just building units in Canada and Africa is also interesting.  I’'ve seen it tried but it wasn’t an option that appealed to me.  It did shut down Italy though and provided time for grabbing Africa.  You would need the US player though to be ready to move into the Atlantic.

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    UK #1 = 6 Infantry + 1 fighter
    UK#2 = depends on too many factors.

  • If sea lion works 90% of the time what is the point of this build grasshopper? To kill some german tanks? As a deterrent?

    To the OP, why is it certain Egypt will fall? You can take out or weaken the Ethopian Italian forces with an attack on GB1/GB2, and take out one of the two Italian navies and attack Tobruk soon enough.

    After that is pulled off, they’ll need German help to capture Egypt/middle east IMO.

  • If the Uk fleet in the med attacks either of the Italian fleets they will lose, with the 2 italian fighter scramble and 1 german fighter scramble that any good german player will send down after G1 attacks. Every game I play i see the Uk fleet die on turn 1 if it doesnt pull out of the med altogether.

    In the event that they bombed your IC and air base, spend as little as possible to repair the IC just enough to build as many infantry as you can.  Repair the airbase just enough to keep it operational.

    On turn 2 you can treat yourself to a destroyer if you don’t smell a sea lion.  Otherwise, more infantry.

  • Turn 1: 2 subs, 4 inf, and a mech. Or 1 sub, fighter , 4 infantry. Depending on how froggy you feel ;)

    Turn 2: as many land units as possible!!!

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