Alpha+3 "revised edition" with UK as one power - by Corrigan

  • We are currently exploring few ideas from Corrigan to make the game more interesting.

    The changes are these:

    1.) UK fleet in 91, 98, 110, 112 move to 111 (includes tac bomb on cv)
    2.) Naval base in Scotland
    3.) airbase on Gibraltar
    4.) fighter on Malta and gib removed, moved to Scotland
    5.) interceptors shoot at 2
    6.) USSR Dow rights delayed to Round 6
    7.) USA DOW rights delayed to Round 8
    8.) One consolidated income for UK, to be used as they see fit
    9.) Calcutta is no longer a capital
    10.) If Japan DOW Russia, Russia can dow all the Axis powers

    Try them if you want a change! At first glance they look very fun.

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    This actually looks kind of interesting.  Looks like it would be a fun game to try out.
    For one thing, UK would have a pretty big fleet in SZ 111 and would be pretty powerful with the combined income.  I guess Germany can kiss Sealion goodbye.
    On the other hand, you practically desert the Med, except for those 2 French ships.  The Italians will smash them quickly and almost immediately gain an NO.  You’ve almost given Italy a free hand in the Med and Africa, yet the UK will really be able to give Germany problems.  Or Japan if they decide to build more stuff in India.  If they piled up men on London for a couple of rounds and sent that massive fleet down to India, they would rival USA in the Pacific and Japan wouldn’t stand a chance.
    Also, keeping Russia and USA out of the war so much longer seems a tremendous benefit to the Axis.  A couple of questions:

    1 > I assume that if either Russia or USA is attacked by an Axis power, they can DOW immediately, correct?

    2 > If Japan attacks UK or ANZAC, can USA DOW early?

    By the way, although I use ALpha+3 setup and rules, my game group uses a house rule where the Gibraltar and Malta air bases are still there.  That was a change I totally disagreed with, at least for the Gibraltar air base.

  • @knp7765:

    1 > I assume that if either Russia or USA is attacked by an Axis power, they can DOW immediately, correct?

    2 > If Japan attacks UK or ANZAC, can USA DOW early?

    By the way, although I use ALpha+3 setup and rules, my game group uses a house rule where the Gibraltar and Malta air bases are still there.  That was a change I totally disagreed with, at least for the Gibraltar air base.

    1. yes
    2. yes

    In the event that Japan keeps the US out of war for 8 turns, Japan will get the +10 ipc no for 8 turns.

  • thats interesting, I think germany might have trouble turn one with that monster UK fleet right in striking distance of them .

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    I know that we’ve been playing with consolidated attacks for the Democratic Allies and the European Axis, Corrigan, I see you don’t have that in your list and I think I wouldn’t want to play it combined that way again either.

    I think I’d like to try a game where it’s just one England and no other changes - why?  Because I want to see if that is enough to both keep India the power it is and stop Sea Lion from happening early.  I suspect (hence why I want to try it) that it is plenty of changes right there to balance things out in which case we won’t need things like AA Gun bids and the like to “balance” the game.

  • It’s me, Jenn, posting the ruleset we’re currently using in our game.
    In my opinion the less rule you add/change, the better.

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    It’s me, Jenn, posting the ruleset we’re currently using in our game.
    In my opinion the less rule you add/change, the better.

    Sorry.  I interact with you two so often I’m starting to confuse you two!!!

    Here’s what I like:

    With England as one power (and only that one change) England has the ability to prevent Sea Lion from happening for a while, but they start to give up other areas of the board.  Meanwhile, they can use the entire world as their sandbox if they so choose - and really, why would the Commonwealth elect to allow Hitler to have Tea and Crumpets in Buckingham Palace just because they were required by some artificial ruling to recruit new infantry units in Calcutta?  At least if we forced the Americans to split their economy there would be some basis in historical accuracy in doing so - what with Congress demanding that some of the war effort went into fighting Japan - you know the beligerant nation that brought America into the war with their dastardly sneak attack?

    What I don’t like:

    Basically, an early snipe of England is gone.

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    Hey Noll,
    I started a game using your new setup and rules last night.  We have just ended round 3 and decided to take a break.  Probably pick it up again tomorrow night.  The first 3 rounds seem to take the longest.  I’m playing Germany by the way.
    USA and USSR are still neutral so they both are just building up forces.  USSR is trying to build up 4 large armies that can counter-attack the 4 main German armies when they attack – only leaving 3 inf in each border territory.  USA has built a massive fleet in the Pacific:  3 CV w/5 fighter + 1 tac, 3 BB, 4 CA, 3 DD, 2 SS and 3 transports with 4 inf and 2 art.  They are in the process of massing around the Philippines.  Not sure about that strategy.  Right now the US fleet actually outnumbers the Japanese fleet, but USA has 5 more rounds of being neutral and need to build some stuff in the Atlantic.  Plus, Japan will start buying more warships before much longer.  One more thing, the Philippines is within range of Jap air force on Kwangsi and Kiangsi so if Japan decides to attack, the US fleet will have more than just warships to deal with.
    Meanwhile, Britain is in pretty rough shape.  Germany managed to sink the two destroyer/transports in SZ 106 and 109 but left that massive Brit fleet in SZ 111 alone.  The Brits scrambled 6 fighters (5 UK and 1 French) from London and Scotland to SZ 109 to go up against 3 U-boats, 3 fighters and 3 Stukas.  The U-boats rolled three "2"s so sank the destroyer and transport right away.  The fighters and Stukas got three more hits killing the French and 2 UK fighters while the Brits got five hits with their planes (the destroyer missed).  Since the Destroyer was hit but still present, 3 of the UK hits were taken on the subs, plus 1 fighter and 1 Stuka.  This left 4 German planes against 3 British.  The next roll went south for Germany as they lost 2 more planes and the Brits only lost 1, so Germany retreated.  Still, mission accomplished since they killed that transport.
    That massive British fleet attacked on UK 1 into Sea Zone 112, where the Germans had 1 damaged BB, 1 CA, 1 CV w/1 fighter & 1 Stuka, 1 DD, 1 SS and 1 transport.  Also available for scramble were 1 fighter and 2 Stukas on W Germany.  The British outnumbered the Germans and should have crushed them, but the dice went bad for Britain.  In the first combat round, Britain only got 3 hits while Germany got 7.  Even with taking out the UK CV, which doomed the 2 fighters sent to escort the strat bomber on an SBR, the Brits barely had half their force left, but were still about even with the Germans.  They rolled again and got wiped out, with Germany surviving with 1 BB (damaged), 1 CA 2 fighters and 2 Stukas.  A very bad day for Britain.
    Italy is just having a ball in the Med and Africa.  They were frustrated with Greece which put up more of a fight than expected (sort of like the real war, huh?)  They took Egypt round 1 and by round 3 have controle of all N Africa, and are working toward the interior of Africa AND the Middle East.  The IC in S Africa is giving them a little trouble, but it shouldn’t be able to hold out too much longer.
    Since Japan doesn’t want USA in the War, they have been very careful to not provoke them or UK/ANZAC.  Of course, UK/ANZAC does not want to deal with Japan without US backing, so they also have been careful not to start anything.  The result being that Japan has sent everything into China and has just about wiped them out totally (only 3 Chinese territories left with 0 Chinese infantry).  Japan has also massed a fair amount of units in Manchuria and Korea.  The Russians massed all their Far East infantry plus 2 AA guns in Amur and have 2 tanks and 2 mechs racing west across Russia to join them.  I think Russia intends on attacking Japan once they get a few pieces with some punch to supplement all the infantry.  However, my Japanese ally has told me she intends to attack Russia very soon, she just wants to build up a little more.

    That reminds me.  The Russian DOW is delayed until turn 6 (unless attacked of course).  Is Japan included in that ?  Or is that just for the European Axis powers?  Our Russian player mentioned wanting to attack earlier, when Japan didn’t have nearly as much men in Korea or Manchuria, but we were confused and went with the assumption that ALL Axis were included in that rule.  Could you clarify this for me?  Actually, it wouldn’t matter as much now because Japan has really built up and it will be hard for a Russian attack.  However, if we decide to play this set up in the future, it would be nice to know for sure.  Thanks.
    I’ll let you know how the game ends, but for right now, I think your changes strongly favor the Axis.

  • Russia can DOW Japan but if he does so, he can’t DOW the other Axis powers.

    IF russia gets attacked by Japan, he can dow any axis power at wish (plus the mongolia rule that’s still in effect).

    This tweak make the game longer! But in our last game the outcome was very similar to history.
    Loosing the Initial UK fleet will leave UK in a very bad shape. I wouldn’t have do that.
    Thanks for playing it knp!

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    Longer is good for Russia.  If you can make Germany wait until Round 8, the odds of taking Moscow diminish quickly, you know?

  • What if axis desides to go all out on Russia turn 1/2. Surely Britain and Soviet cant stop Germany, Japan and Italy?

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    Well, we finished Round 7 last night and here is the situation:
    England is pretty much stuck on their island, although the Canadian factory is helping put destroyers in the water. UK’s factory and both bases are maxed out in damage.  Germany has surrounded Moscow and Stalingrad, both of which factories are also maxed out on damage.  Gotta love those SBRs.  Japan has taken all of China, Mongolia and eastern Russia.  Still no action in the Pacific or SE Asia as the Axis have been very careful not to provoke America, which is still neutral until next round.  America has built up a monsterous fleet, most of which is by the Philippines.  With that and the few ships out by Hawaii, I think they out number the Japanese fleet.  The Japs have gotten a few more warships, but had to mix that with land units to hit China, Russia and get ready to go after Allied positions.

    America also has a modest fleet in the Atlantic but is stuck on the East Coast since London hasn’t fallen and nobody has attacked them.  Italy has swarmed all over Africa and the Middle East and is currently on Calcutta’s doorstep in West India.  Only British assets left are on the UK itself, Canada and SE Asia.  I’m afraid that by the time the USA can do anything, the Axis will have all the Victory Cities in Europe, Asia and Africa.

    Unfortunately, my weekend is wrapping up.  Got to go back to work tonight.  We might squeeze in a round or two before going to work sometime this week, but more than likely this game will have to wait until next weekend, which for me is Mon/Tue nights.  I will post how it ends, but at this point I’m almost sure it will be an Axis victory, unless USA is able to pull a pretty big rabbit out of their hat.  I’m pretty sure Moscow will fall next round and after that will come Sealion.  Don’t think that UK will be able to do much to stop it either.

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