Is it possible to win as the allies after sealion?

  • Wow, really? alright note to self, keep Russians in German territory for 3 turns.

  • TripleA

    think of it this way. Germans can’t jack UK whatever russians are on the front lines in the same turn.

    He already invested so heavily in boats so you frontloading all your men is super gosu.

    Even if he turns around and tries to jack russia up. 1) you saved UK 2) UK can send stuff to you to save your butt.

    I mean the guy just bought how many transports to not go through with UK takedown? I garauntee he won’t get a +TUV value as high as that killing the ground you frontload.

    So yeah trading german territories is big for russia. You got to push.

    Again I just feel that the germans are walking out of UK with too much stuff.

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    Cond that really doesn’t make any sense.
    Pushing into German territory only ensures that once Germany finally pushes you back to Moscow, you’ll have more infantry defending than you would otherwise.

    Your right, Russia does need to push into the German boarder territories to get the IPC bonus, but I never commit my main force into Germany because it makes it easier for Germany to destroy.

  • @Alsch91:

    Well unless Germany screws up in a big way, Russia won’t be able to actually defeat Germany.
    But good Russian play can keep you in German territories for around 3 turns, which is huge for the Allies.

    what do you consider good Russian play?

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    I do not feel you need to commit the main Russian attack force.  If Germany goes Sea Lion, then odds are good their front is weak for a few rounds (until they can rebuild AND move into position) so a few infantry should be able to snipe 2 or 3 out of: Poland, Hungary and Romania.  At least once or twice. (Fighter support, of course.)

  • @cond1024:

    Your right, Russia does need to push into the German boarder territories to get the IPC bonus, but I never commit my main force into Germany because it makes it easier for Germany to destroy.Â

    Naturally.  As both Germany and Russia, you never want to put your main stack in a position to be destroyed.  The only exception is when you’re Russia and you’re in Moscow.

    After Sealion, Russia should stack up in East Poland and trade the three bordering German territories as long as possible.

    If you can, move forward into Romania, and add a couple Balkan territories to your list of places to trade.
    But never do it if it puts you in a position to be destroyed, or if Germany tries to outflank you by moving forward.


    Wow, really? alright note to self, keep Russians in German territory for 3 turns.

    That’s just a guess, just stay forward as long as you Germany’s main forces allow you to.  Don’t stay so long that Germany can kill your main army.


    what do you consider good Russian play?

    Just playing with good tactics - keeping your main forces together in one group, staying out of range of German forces that can destroy your army, and trading territories smartly.

  • If Germanys takes London, USSR should be advancing into the Balkans (lots of IPCs down there for the USSR) away from the German Factories and transport fleet. Micro management of stacks is very important here from a Soviet point of view!

  • TripleA

    you need to shove everything into the balkans and bank as long as possible. Do not buy air, Just push. Germany has to take his men off of UK to confront you. if you kill enough men he will have a smaller drop to take back UK so USA should be able to get a good 16 man drop or something to hold. Then it becomes a matter of saving moscow afterward.

    if germany tries to hold UK, he’s an idiot and you should do great in the balkans.

  • After Sealion, Germany should almost never lose London.  It simply requires too much to take it back, and Germany needs only spend 9 IPCs a turn to make it a fortress.
    Unless US is going 100% Atlantic, in which case Japan wins.

  • I’m playing my first AA1940 Alpha3 game, played Alpha2 twice and OOB a few times as well.  This is also my first time playing by forum which is very interesting, because I usually play against two others and I generally know how they play.

    The game I am currently playing by forum, I am the Allies and it’s currently the beginning of Round 5.  Germany will take London and India fell to a J3 crush.  There are a few moves I forgot, but generally things wouldn’t have turned out much different.  I still think I’m in position to turn things around, even though the Axis will be out producing me.  The only thing I have to watch out for now is Russia.  With Germany taking UK’s treasury, I’ll have to hold off Germany and a growing Italy until US can lock in Japan and turn its attention to the Atlantic theater.

    I used to think if both England and India falls that the Allies are doomed.  But it depends on what Japan gives up to accomplish the J3 crush.

  • Trade border territories with the Germans for as long as you can, and build absolutely nothing but infantry as Russia.

    The most dangerous part about a successful Sealion is that the Russian player gets it in his/her head to be aggressive. Don’t. You’ll get smushed, and face the same issues you’re supposed to be laying at the Germans’ feet (overextended supply lines, logistics).

    Germany will have an income pushing 90 IPCs after sacking London. Don’t be silly.

  • Yes, save your money.  Russia will only get that big income for a couple turns.  Don’t blow it all on silly fighters and armor units.  There is no rule that says you have to spend every dollar so do what you can to slow them down but stack your infantry and save the money to keep stacking once your income drops.  I like a ratio of 3 infantry  to 1 artillery.

  • So is it possible to win as the allies after sea lion?

    It is very much possible. This weekend I played against a friend, and decided to go for London/Calcutta. Both of us have like 20+ global games, so level of experience is past the newbie stadium 😉
    I took both capitols round 4. However, Russia seeded massively into China, and actually liberated Calcutta later on - round 7ish. US went 80/20 pac/atl and harassed Japan big time, convoy raiding Tokyo, leading up to a huge naval battle outside of Hong Kong. Really smart blocking moves preventing return for Japanese navy to Tokyo… Utter failure for Japan (dices sooo not going my way), resulting in Japan loosing all ther naval forces after 2 more rounds.
    The US then went 100% atlantic…
    By that time I had Italy making about 50IPC, taken Africa, and middle east, pressing up to Caucasus, but loosing pace as a result of US pressure in the mediterranean.
    Germany took London, with heavy casualties. Ended up with a huge battle in Eastern Poland where I routed USSR, but he kept his airforce, and managed to turtle Moscow, reinforced with Anzac fighters, and US mech/tanks from French Indochina.
    Dice failed me twice on attacking Moscow, and from there it was downhill 😛 By far the biggest, most exciting game I ever had. Would like to see the outcome had Japan not been taken out the way it was. The game was wide open until Moscow. Odds were more or less 50-50, but then again, dice can never be trusted!!

  • Hearing more and more often that taking London and/or India so early on (turn 3 or 4) is resulting in defeat for the Axis. Too much to fast? As a result the game is more open and this favors the Allies more as they have 6 nations (france makes it 7) to the axis 3 nations, which results in greater maneuverability and joint operations.

    Currently playing a game in which the Japanese grabbed the DEI’s/Phillipines and Hong Kong all on turn 3, The allies where then able to pick off my split navy, forceing me to retreat to Japan to repair/reinforce on turn 4. Japan has 60+ IPCs but im currently under pressure as a result of expanding to fast.

    To sum up, I feel the Axis need to expand quick, but going too fast leaves gaps which can be exploited by any good players. So after agreeing that the game is lost after Sealion, my mind is very much changed!

  • TripleA

    what is wrong with buying armor as russia??? especially before you attack? I like the mixed buys they do very well. not so much with fighters/bombers, maybe one bomber depending if you need it to buy some firepower before a big attack.

  • TripleA

    i would also rather fight on his turf where i get income generating for as long as possible. once you have to back down that’s when you are basically saying, “I lose moscow sooner or later.”

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