• First off i’d like to say that we play A&A very casual so there is a big chance that some of these rules are imbalanced either seperatly or in combination. All i can say is that it works for us & actually makes it alot more fun. Therefore i appreciate any feedback you can give.

    Secondly these rules are a combination of rules taken from other A&A games, custom rules other ppl have suggested and some things i have added. All credit goes to the ppl that came up with these rules.

    Ok now to list the different rules in no specific order:

    1. Order of play

    Start with both axis players followed by all allied players.

    • Weapon Development/Purchase Units/Combat Move and then wait
    • Conduct Combat at the same time (for example: UK & USA players can attack the same country if able) Note: Players have to decide before attacking who will conquer the land if won. If only one player has troops left that player automatically gets ownership of the land.
    • Non-combat move/place units/collect income

    2. Weapon Development

    First step in the turn: you can spend 5IPC to roll a die, the number on the die represent the technology researched. If you roll a research that you’ve allready got the research failed and the IPC is lost.

    1. Jet fighters: fighter defense = 5
    2. Paratroopers: Bomber can become a transport that can transport max 3 infantry. These infantry can be dropped on any country the bomber flies over but can only attack the next turn. A transport bomber has 0 attack. During an invasion an AA gun can also kill a paratrooper. Can be used during amphibious assault.
    3. Nuclear Submarines: Submarines get 3ATT
    4. Long Range Aircraft: Fighters get 6 range, Bombers get 8 range
    5. Combined Bombardement: Destroyers can bombard as well during amphibious assault.
    6. Heavy Bombers: bombers roll 2 dice during strategic bombardement
    3. AA guns

    AA guns can fire when planes fly over as well as when they attack the country.

    4. Send Reinforcements

    During the combat sequence after ‘Remove Casualtys’ you can send reinforcements: You can send extra forces from neighboring countries, land units can go over 1 sea zone if there’s a transport ship present in the zone. (Max allowed per transport still applies)

    This esspecially has given us lenghty and exciting battles, i do understand though that many ppl won’t like this ^^

    5. New Unit: Bunkers

    We made these out of bottle caps from cola bottles, just saw a hole into them and a little paint job & they look great. The idea was taken from someone else, if you type in ‘axis & allies bottle cap bunkers’ in google i’m sure you’ll find it. Easy to make & they look great.

    • Can be placed where there are 2 infantry or more
    • Only one bunker can be present in any country
    • We use 6 bunkers, once they are depleted we don’t build any more
    • Up to 2 infantry can take place in the bunker, they get 4 defense
    • A bunker can be captured but can not be moved
    • Stats:
      Cost: 8
      ATT: 0
      DEF: 0

    6. Transport Ships

    Transport Ship: 2 land units + 1 infantry
    Aircraft Carrier: 2 infantry

    Infantry on an aircraft carrier do not fight when the carrier attacks or is being attacked but can join in an amphibious assault.

    7. Power specific Abilities

    • Russia: Mechanized Infantry: Tanks can transport 2 infantry when blitzing
    • Japan: Kamikaze: fighters can make suicide runs (fly out without being able to land and are destroyed after the run)
    • Germany: Blitzkrieg: When 4 or more tanks attack at the same time in the same country they have the possibility to perform a blitzkrieg: each tank gets the following stats:
      ATT 4
      DEF 1
      MOVE 3
    • USA: Strategic Bomber = 1 bomber + 1 fighter or tank: Bomber gets DEF 4 and MOVE 2
    • UK: Cruiser Transport: cruisers can transport 1 infantry

    8. Diplomatic Issues

    • Russian troops can never be in the same country as British or American troops due to political reasons
    • German & Japanese troops can never liberate countries for each other due to alliance only through common enemy.

    That’s it, if you decide to use any or all of these rules then feel free to give feedback. If you see something wrong with these rules or have any questions you can always ask/let me know.



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