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    I am in the market for a new phone.  Here are the following requirements:

    1.  It must be able to open, edit and send MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and TXT files.
    2.  It must be on U.S. Cellular’s network (yes that means no iPhones) but it can be either ANDRIOD or WINDOWS and any model they offer. (Can be found on their website.)
    3.  It must be wifi capable (so I can drink my coffee somewhere and not use my data allotment!)

    Features I like:

    A)  QWERTY keyboard (tactile)
    B)  1 touch dismiss call button
    C)  Link to MS Outlook
    D)  Indestructable

    Any suggestions?  Any features I should look for as well?  Any comments?

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    Android Samsung Galaxy.

  • @Gargantua:

    Android Samsung Galaxy.

    Android Samsung Galaxy S3 if you can wait for them to release it, otherwise go for the Samsung Galaxy S2.

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    US Cellular has Samsung Repp and Samsung Mesmerize.  They do not have the Galaxy.

    I am pretty much stuck with US Cellular because I have 48,000 points and can basically get my next 3 phones for a penny each whenever I want.

  • I’m looking also to get an smart phone. My wife no longer uses our home computer after getting her phone.

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    Using the HTC Hero-S Andriod phone at the moment.  It’s not bad, taking a while to get used too it, and it has a mega learning curve considering I’ve mostly used phones, well, for sending and receiving telephone calls - as quaint as that might sound!

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