Losing a ally

  • is it possible to still win a game after losing a ally.like if you lose russia and the axis meet up or if japan falls and the pacific is open

  • It’s possible for the allies to win if Russia falls, since Germany should be gone by then.

    But if Japan falls, and Germany isn’t already dead, then they will be soon.

  • Its fun playing germany after Russia falls. The naval battles are amazing.

  • If your opponents are dumb and throw all of their guys into another nation, then you can win. Germany had thrown most of his guys into Russia, and so the U.K. hit him with his air force, then the U.S. went in to Germany with transports. The Allies had Europe, the Axis Russia. The Axis just surrendered.

  • Yeah that’s what it looks like in one of my current games. I sent a LOT of German units into Russia, but I took it with very few losses. Western Europe was just taken by the allies, and Finland as well…

  • I think that if Germany falls, Japan still has a shot at winning. In one game I played, Japan had already taken Russia and was pushing into Ukraine and Kerelia. However, Germany surrendered to the Allies on the very next turn so it was USA/UK vs. Japan. If I remember the calculations correctly Japan was making around 69 IPCs a turn with UK and USA at 77. For about 50+ turns, trench warefare waged across Finland, Eastern Europe, and East Africa with Naval and Aerial battles raging across the English Channel. My God it was great!

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