Brits in the Pacific

  • I was just wondering what a good strategy for the british in Calcutta would be. It is obvious that you should let japan attack first bringing america into the war but i still ussually end up getting crushed by the japanese and thier airforce before america can save the day. What can i do to stay alive? Also what is something that ANZAC can do besides just bulking up in sydney to prevent the japs from getting a free vic. city. is there anyway for them to inflict damage on the japanese?

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    I should first mention that I don’t have much xp. with the allies.

    There really isn’t much you can do to defend Calcutta if Japan goes all out.  Having said that, you sould look at attacking in the second round.  If Germany is going sea lion, you should know this by round 2, US will not be restricted.  Japan will have the option to collect their $10 NO but the allies will have collected 4 NO’s for $20.

  • I usually move units into china and declare war on Japan. Those two victory cities on the coast of china are almost essential for Japan to win. Usually I build mechanized Infantry so if need be I can move them back to Calcutta.

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    I usually buy 1 fighter per round and fly it over to help out the Brits in Egypt against the Italians.  That is usually really good for keeping the Italian navy in check.  The rest I usually spend on inf and art to try and defend Calcutta when the Japs get there or if Japan’s land force is not doing so well, send them up to help the Chinese pound them even further.
    I also try to land at least 2 inf each on all the DEI islands so Japan has to at least fight to get them.  Depending on what the Jap Navy is doing, I sometimes buy a destroyer or two to use as blockers just to delay Japan’s invasion one extra round.  Sometimes that is all it takes.

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