Canada - Quebec - Montreal (soon to be Sherbrooke)

  • Hi there, I’d like to find people to play A&A. I’m willing to PBEM, TCP/IP game or if you’re in the same area we could play face to face

    I never PBEM though but I look forward to learn how.

    I used to play with my friends a while ago but they lost interest in the game. Since then I played once in a while over the internet with the CD game or playing against myself (noooooo…. I’m not crazy 😉 ).

    Anyway if you’re interested just email me at I’ll be waiting.

    Oh and by the way… this is my first post here !! 😄

  • Hello…… ? anybody who wants to PBEM ?
    C’mon… I’m sure somebody wants to play!

    Free ice cream to the first person who accept the challenge ! 😄

  • Oups I forgot to log in :oops:

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