Dealing with USA in the Pacific

  • I’d retreat if it were even because the US has the upper hand in income, and because the anzac can always hit the Japs after the US, finishing off whatever units are left if the Japs win the battle. Retreating to kwangtung and leaving 15 planes and a couple ground units on phillipines meanst that unless the US has 10+ transports they can’t assault the phillpines. Kwangtung can pretty much hit every territory you want to be able to hit anyways, so this isn’t really setting you back all that much.

  • It all comes down to the dice, and to worry the mass of sea units Japan has to put that threat on the US…

    I played Japan b4 Christmas and playing again next weekend. To deal with US in Pacific side I think is this, after learning from previous game.

    J1: I have a very Conservative US player, so I will take any navy I can to Caroline Islands, taking what I can on Transporters, and fly most ( as also attaking with planes on Amur of 6 or 18 men, depending how awake the russian player is, remember it’s ger, russia, jap order, Ger move is going to do some early damaging, which may put all attention/concentration on Atlantic/European field ), leaving maybe a destroyer in SZ 34 to block the US from Carolina’s SZ 35.
    I will buy major Indus Complex in Korea or Manchuria.

    J2: Attack Anzac, depending what anzac’s first move was, if no SZ obstruction in SZ 54, do amps assult on Queensland, or SZ battle first etc… The US then has options: It Can go into war if wishes ( having the greed of the extra 30 ipc’s ), leaving Philippines option to attack the destroyer in SZ 34, but then having all the planes on J3 to attack back.

    This will leave Japan open on her mainland, kinda, USA needs to really think. Hawaii, like all islands can’t build ( ex Japan and Australia, UK ) indus complex, so what’s US gunna do, move all Navy down from San Fran to Hawaii, or Hawaii to San Fran? That is one round of non combat move. The US force in Hawaii is too little.
    Midway tho was my disadvantage for Japan, the USA 3 buy’s alot of Bombers, lands in Midway USA 4, she can fly to SZ 6 with the back up Navy to attack Tokyo.

    I hope with the Anzac then followed New Zealand,DEI etc, Japan will have enough IPC’s to cope, yet also getting Philippeans on J4.

    It all depends on the dice, and I think and making sure Tokyo is secure. Let everything else fall into place.

    I hope this helped. I have 6 days till I try out this plan…

  • '16 Customizer

    Would it be worth sending 1 or 2 task forces (1 or 2 destroyers, 1 or 2 transports)  to go take out some of the little territories that give the US their IPCs during wartime? In alpha 3 I believe the NOs are broken up into separate bonuses instead of the large 30 IPC chunk in alpha 2. say you nabbed alaska, midway or johnson islands, the phillipines, and maybe hawaii… (obviously the Phillipines and hawaii would be for the big fleet to take out.) this would half the US wartime IPC bonus… maybe it;s too much work for too little reward, but it’s worth checking in to IMO.

  • Too much in expensive units lost for little gained. US will easily be able to take all of those places back if they have any significant pressense in the pacific. The problem with US is how far they are from the battle. Moving toward the US as the axis is a mistake. Just keep near your territories and make US come towards you.

  • Also, as many know, with the USA being in two fields, the amount of IPC’s they earn each round really isn’t much they can do if Europe and Pacific allies is asking for help.
    If Japan shows they dominate the Pacific early, and keep strong, the states will be troubled and may concentrate more on Europe. Maybe if so, Japan can get on the back door of Russia via Russian territory.  The US is the only strongiest ally to take Japan, UK Pacific is too small.

  • TripleA

    What I like to do is stand from the top side of the board stretch my arms out over japan toward india. That’s the direction everything goes and I don’t deal with the americans till after India is claimed. I just machine gun my way over there. and take china with me. Islands are stupid and pointless, who needs a navy anyway. I can just get a Major IC on Korea and 2v1 russia with germany. I still race for capitols.  Good luck taking Japan or liberating india.

    Besides I only like to fight americans when I can throw down 6 kamikaze chips and use it. Maybe I’ll change my strategy if USA could buy a major IC on flip, but that spot is only 2 dolla, which is sad sh*t. considering I leave it empty after I take it.
    another issue I have with this game from USA’s perspective. No more shuffling. No more “everyday I am shuffling strategy”  can’t do it pacific or europe or africa. sux dude.

    Well actually I take that back, you can shuffle europe with the same # of fleets as before. 1 set come home 1 set drop off to spain. But before you only needed 1 set of transports if you wanted to shuffle to africa in revised and aa50.

    for the asia side of the map revised had insta kill bombardments so you would do that.  AA50 you couldn’t shuffle pacific… you would just take FIC and complex that, which was comparable to what japan could complex on asia after killing the fleet.

    But usa can’t find a spot to get a Major IC on asia. so whatever. In indonesia/javaland… maybe.  I am surprised I haven’t seen that… wait can that happen?

  • In the new global you can’t have a factory on an island. Really stupid I know…

  • TripleA

    OIC. That explains why some Japan players don’t buy naval, ever.

    Yeah, global is a great game.  :roll:

    Even if USA sinks japan, still doesn’t stop Japan. USA can’t bring jack shiz to asia. It can go alaska to russia I guess.

  • In a face to face game where I was playing USA yesterday, the Japan player didn’t account an american airstrike with my fleet then moving in sz7, killing his new purchases (1 carrier 1transport) alongside 3 scrambled fighters. After it the Japan player decide to continue his campaign in south east Asia, getting Indonesia, killing India and China as much as he could, ignoring naval defense by building enough land defense in Japan.

    I conquered Korea, the Russian player reinforced me there with 12 inf and 2aa, I landed 4bombers in Amur alongside 6russian inf. (Russia declared war prior to my turn to let me do this)

    Korea become my new minorIC and Naval base; and NorthChina was liberated. The 4bombers were deadly in any naval and/or land operation. I reinforced the sz6 embargo with 3 turns of buys.
    1: I replaced the fighters lost in the first attack
    2: I moved there 10submarines
    3: I moved there 5destroyers and built a full carrier in sz6.

    After it Japan was still earning in the 50, thanks to his southasia holdings.

    I started pouring units in Europe 'cause the Russian player did a stupid move and lost a big stack, but I had enough to cripple Japan now forever.
    I left sz6 and liberated Hong Kong, Indo China, Borneo, Philippine, with sacrifical transports.

    At that point the Japanese player was completely dominated and reduced to something like 15ipcs.

  • The main reason Naval power is still supreme in global is that you can convoy raid Japan to death. Sea zone 6 is worth 11 by itself.

  • AFAIK the only IC the US can place is in Alaska - according to A3 ruleset anyways… so unless Japan put an IC in Korea, that move wasn’t technically legal.

  • @Spendo02:

    AFAIK the only IC the US can place is in Alaska - according to A3 ruleset anyways… so unless Japan put an IC in Korea, that move wasn’t technically legal.

    lol I love when people are wrong and they try to lecture you.

    read the rules, you can’t build major ics on foreign souls, who said i built a major?

  • Hence I prefaced my statement with AFAIK (As Far As I Know).  There would have been no “AFAIK” if I was certain and would have stated, “You cannot build IC’s on territories you did not start with.”

    Try flaming somewhere else Noll.

    I have never claimed to be an authority on the rules of this game and have freely admitted throughout all my posts that I was either not certain or corrected myself when I was proven wrong.

  • '10


    OIC. That explains why some Japan players don’t buy naval, ever.

    There is another explanation for this : they are very weak players lol…

  • I always leave my jap fleet off the Philippines. You can hit so many places. there is an already built naval and air base ready for you. it makes it harder for ANZAC to support UK on the mainland. plus if you build a second fleet in japan, this will split the americans attention, because then they will have to defend Hawaii, and attack you. also when i take dei i also take western Australia, anzac never have land troops there, plus it will cause them to spend more on land units instead of navy or air.

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