FMG Global 1939 Map, Combat Dice, etc.

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    Merry Christmas all,

    Woke up today and un-wrapped my new Global 1939 map from FMG. The quality is excellent as is that of the dice, control markers and production certificates. My wife explained that the customer service from FMG was outstanding.

    Thank you FMG for the great product and for making my wife’s holiday shopping experience a pleasure.

    Also, thank you to all who have posted on this forum regarding your experiences with FMG’s expansion sets/variants.

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    Yes, we are certainly lucky to have the folks at Field Marshall Games and Historical Board Gaming out there listening to what we want and finding a way to make it for us…

    Just to clear up any confusion for others though, although all these items are sold on FMGs site, the Global 1939 map, IPCs, and custom roundels are all made by Coach of Many at HBG and available at his website as well. They both carry a variety of each others products on their sites, but I like to make sure I give credit where it’s due.

    I too recently received an HBG printed map and agree, the quality and material are outstanding. Thanks again to both these companies for your great products.

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    Yep, a shout out to HBG is necessary as well.

    A job well done. Looking forward to calling on them for new armies.

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    Not sure if you noticed.  But the Map has HISTORICAL BOARD GAMING written right on it!?!?!?

    FMG was selling these maps for HBG to expand the market until recently.

    You will have to go direct to HBG for these maps as they have asked me to stop carrying them.

    However I would like to thank you for your order and your support of our two companies.

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    I’ve noticed.

    HBG has made a great map and game that’s why they got the shout.

    Look forward to getting more from you both. Whomever produces what, you’re both providing great products and service.

    It’s appreciated.

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