G1 London SBR

  • Hello! I’ve just started a game as Germany, and am looking for someone to take up the Allied mantle. Scramble/interceptor decisions await you.

    Feel free to look at the game, check out German buys (NOTE: 2 bombers), before accepting.

    First come first serve, I only ask that you’re prepared to do a turn every day or two.


  • Be curious to see how the SBR works.  Is this the full denial approach?  I think by G2/G3 you can have the London Major locked at 20 chips meaning it costs 11 IPC + unit cost to place a single unit on London.  Net net I think its somewhere around 3 or 4 less infantry for a potential Sealion by G3/G4?

  • Well, I’ve had success with SBR’s on London in a previous game, but my mistake was to not combine it with a legit or fake attempt at sealion (thereby forcing London to pay the damage).

    Won’t be making that mistake again.

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