• I apologize in advance if this has been brought up before.

    I was thinking and what about this. This will be better to do if London falls due to Sealion. Anyways here’s my idea. Have the US navy guard the ANZAC’s while they build transports and units (US should still be building mainly in the east though.) The British should send most of their units to Persia, and be building mech infantry to run up to Shan State. Try to make sure the US navy secures the water near Southeast Asia so Japan doesn’t start reinforcing that area with transports. Then after the Japanese attack send some British units west to help against Italy (assuming these will be your last reinforcements for a little bit if the income is gone,) and slow down and weaken the Japanese with the rest (the US should reinforce this water area now.) Once Japan captures India have an Australian force hit of transports and units that should be collecting Dutch islands if possible as well, but still being guarded by the US navy. Then unload and start taking these British territories for themselves and then unload a few dudes to West India, but leave Calcutta alone. This way if ANZAC is getting all the Indonesian islands they will be making an income of 42 IPCS (10 in ANZAC territories, 15 in Indonesia, 7 from other British territories, and 10 from NO’S.) This way ANZAC can start building nice navies to the US can pay more attention to Germany and Italy (hophelly ANZAC can defend it’s territories quick enough though

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