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    June 26,1944 Normandy

    Troops of 6th Royal Scots Fusiliers, 15th (Scottish) Division, fire from their positions in a sunken lane during Operation ‘Epsom’, 26 June 1944.

    normandy scots.jpg

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    Nice. Looks as if they have their firepower distributed correctly. 🙂

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    American 105mm Howitzer shelling German forces near Carentan, France. July 11, 1944.carentan.jpg

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    August 13, 1940. German long-range coastal artillery fire their first shells from France over the English Channel towards Dover. The British responded with their own guns. This gunnery duel became known as “Hellfire Corner”, and ended in September 1944 with the liberation of France & Belgium.
    coastal guns.jpg

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    After 4 days of rain, August 25th, 1944 was a perfect summer’s day in Rouen, northern France.
    Although there were many places where German soldiers could cross the Seine river and escape the incoming Allied armies, only a few heavy ferries and one damaged rail bridge big enough to allow heavy armour to cross were still operational in the northern sector.
    Many were those who converged on the Quai Jean de Bethencourt at Rouen cramming the long quayside with vehicles of all sizes and shapes. It is estimated that at least 4,000 vehicles were massed at a time in the Rouen area.
    With the sun came the Allied air force. 24 Mitchells and 10 Bostons medium bombers of RAF’s No 137 and 139 Wings arrived over Rouen at 7 p.m and bombed the left bank. The bombs landed amid the queued vehicles destroying more than 500 with a few bombs falling on the right bank killing some of those who had already crossed the river.
    Four hours earlier an SS man sitting on bollard 230 smokes his pipe while he waits his turn to cross. An almost peaceful scenario were it not for the machines of war parked in the background. They comprise a PzKpfw VI ‘Tiger’, a PzKpfw V ‘Panther’ and a PzKpfw IV of unknown units.
    If they managed to get across or burned in the incoming inferno it is unknown.
    german bridge.jpg

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    August 25 is also the day on which Paris was liberated. The film “Is Paris Burning?”, which depicts the liberation of Paris, includes the most badly dubbed sequence I’ve ever seen in a movie, the one in which Kirk Douglas as Lieutenant General George S. Patton is having a conversation with someone.

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    September 13, 1943. Italy
    German troops near Salerno, launch a counter offensive against the recent Allied landings, striking at the region near Battipaglia, pushing US units back toward the beach, and re-capturing Altavilla 14 kilometres northeast of Paestum by nightfall. Allied leadership began to prepare, but did not execute, evacuation plans.pak 75.jpg

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    September 18, 1942. Eastern Front
    Fighting continues at Stalingrad with house-to-house and even room-to-room combat. Soviet General Vasily Chuikov orders his troops to remain in permanent contact with the Germans (“hugging tactics”) to reduce the effectiveness of German artillery and aerial bombardment. However, the German assault has been held by Soviet 62nd Army mainly due to their reinforcement by 13th Guards Rifle Division 3 days ago. The cost to 13th Rifles is severe and only 320 of the 10,000 men sent into Stalingrad will survive the battle. North of the city, 3 Soviet Armies (including 1st Guards Army) attack XIV Panzer Corps (part of General Paulus’s 6th Army) but they are decimated on the open steppe by the Luftwaffe.eatern front.jpg

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    Ya Ya Attack !!! Lol
    Thanks my Captain !

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    On this day in 1943, the now famous captured German Tiger tank “131” arrived in the UK at the Department of Tank Design, Surrey. The tank was completely dismantled for technical evaluation.

    tiger 131.jpg

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    @captainwalker and I have seen it in action at Bovington Tank Museum. Was great to see and hear it move.

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