Question on Russian National Objectives

  • Okay, so we need clarification on the Russian NO related to the +3 for each Axis or neutral territory captured in Europe, including Turkey.  Our group thinks this means Continental Europe (including Sweden, Finland).  However, in the rules when the say Europe in some sections they mean the whole Europe map.  Or put another way–- what territories really count for the +3.  Besides the obvious ones like Poland, Rommania-- is it also the crazy possibilites likes Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Eire?  What about Northwest Persia and Persia that are on the “Europe” map?  Does Larry or Krieghund have a definitive list?

  • My group and I play any territory in Europe so Finland and Sweden are possibilities even Ireland but the soviet union has never taken Ireland. The persian teritories are not in Europe so they don’t count. Technically turkey is not in europe that’s why I think it’s specified. So any territory in Europe plus Turkey. Hope this helps.

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