• I was just wondering what the average age for a player was. I’m 16.5 and most of my friends are around that age, but I hear alot of people talking about their wives and rules for 21+ so i’m just curious.

  • To be honest I think that if you can learn it then you can play it. I have been playing since I was eight years old. And I still play when I can with my opponents. Any age in which the person can learn it and keep attention to it. Keeping attention is the important thing.

  • That makes sense. I was only just introduced to it last year and Global 40 was my first game that I owned.

  • I’m 32 and I’ve been playing since I was 14.

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    I´m 30 and I play Axis since I was 20. My first game was Revised.
    And now I bought 1942 for my 12 year old nephew  😄

  • The average age of players in my playgroup (and we’re more than 15) it’s definitely 28-30.

  • Im 24. Been playing for about 10 years.

  • 39… i first played about 20 years ago, then just got back into it about 4 years ago

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    Well, I guess I’m the “geezer” here.  I am 46 and I’ve been playing since I was 24.  My first game was Classic, first edition.  I played for several years then kind of fell out of the loop.  I didn’t even know Avalon Hill had taken over until 2006.  That’s when I learned about Revised, Europe, Pacific and D-Day.  I was so used to Milton Bradleys generic pieces that it was a huge surprise when I saw the new nation specific pieces.

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    I’m 53 and started playing the old RISK game with my Dad and older brothers in the 1960’s.  That later developed into A&A classic.  My Dad’s 87 and my older brother is 63.  We’ve taken on some local college guys in the past and “slaughtered” them.  G-40 is our current arena, although I’m looking forward to all of the new units and capabilities they represent.  Some of the new maps sound very interesting, too.  This is a GREAT GAME!

    “Tall Paul”

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    To the original poster - you should check this out.  This poll has already been done, but with proper age distribution.
    252 people have voted on this previous poll, and only 15.2% are under 21!!

    As of Dec. 11 on your poll, 17% of the 40 voters here are between 16-21 and no one is under 16.  So you are pretty much at the bottom end of the A&A players spectrum!  🙂

    Apparently I am the average A&A player, at 36!  I started playing at 15, in 1990.  Didn’t play for a few years once I got married, until the CD-ROM version came out (very buggy, but still very fun.  Can’t play it on computers nowadays).  Then started playing “Revised” in about 2007 (didn’t even know it came out in 2004) just in time to get my copy of Anniversary in 2008 and have been playing NONSTOP since!  Dabbled with Global, but the rules just kept changing every couple of months, and I haven’t even checked out Alpha 3 yet (This Russian NO thing sounds ridiculous, and the confusing, special Mongolian rules seem to be unneeded IMO).  So am still playing Anniversary primarily.

  • I’m 49 and started in 1985 at 23 or so
      Good news on the thrashing of the college guy’s  “Tall Paul”  It’s good to live near a larger college

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    You know,

    We may just do this again as we only have 3 regular and 2 occasional players left now.  It seems to get more difficult every week to get a group of players together for a game.  We have LSU-S and Centenary College in Shreveport, La where I’m from.  I’m glad I posted on this thread.

    “Tall Paul”

  • Don’t thrash’em toobad Tall Paul
    we need new blood
    age 47

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    I certainly don’t claim I can “thrash 'em” all,…but it would probably be an enjoyable, competitive experience.  In the past the college guys were overly agressive and bull-headed in their attack strategies and weren’t too hard to counter.  But that’s what makes this game so great.  Offense/Defense, Give and take.  STRATEGY!!!  TACTICS!!!  FUN!!!

    Don’t YA’LL Agree???
                                                                                      “Tall Paul”

  • we’ve been playing with 3 for ages. time to recruit on school 😛

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    1940-Global with 3 players is a little bit of a stretch for us as my 87 year-old Dad only likes to play 1 country.  And the MAIN reason I play face-to-face instead of on-line games is I prefer the interaction between people in a f-t-f game.  Looks like we might start “recruiting” some college “opponents” here soon I guess.

    “Tall Paul”

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    I’m sure it’s quite a distance to travel paul… but ever thought of going to FMG’s 2nd Annual event in Spring?

    There’ll be some competition there, I’m looking at going… Would love to do battle against you and your “old” men. 🙂

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    It’d be great to be able to do so.  Thanks for the invite.  I trust it wouldn’t be like the movie" No Country for Old Men",  haha.  I’ll keep this in mind,  I might be able to tie this together with some other things.  It certainly would be cool to put faces to the names I know from here on this forum.  BTW,  keep up your good work of “morale enhancement” here on A&A.ORG.  You’re style(Hmmm) of humor is appreciated, though sometimes I wonder if your Mother dropped you on your head as a baby, haha.

    “Tall Paul”

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    Man… you guys get it only about 1/10th as hard as I give it on most other wesbites.

    Go to www.falloutonlineforum.com and ask around Hahaha.

  • Hell, Oshawa is only 90 min from here! sounds like an idea!

  • I’m in upstate N.Y. that cant be too far

  • I’m 36 and I first played Classic when I was 12 with my baseball buddies- great memories.  Played a little in high school and in college.  Picked it up again after old Europe and Pacific came out in 2000 (LOL- I was reading the rules on my honeymoon in the Keys  :-D) and been back into it solidly since 2004 when Revised came out.  Global is Awesome!!!

  • I’m 34, been playing the A&A line since I was 8, so that’s 26 years.  I fell in love with the mpa and the little tanks and ships.  My brother’s friend had the first game, and we borrowed it a numebr of times.  When I was in high school I purchased my first copy of traditional A&A.  In college I found out A&A Europe was coming out, and I got super excited and got it.  I participated in the online forums a lot, and started participating in a thread to discuss a possible A&A Pacific.  I caught Larry’s attention and ended up being an official playtester for A&A Pacific, in fact my name is in the instruction manual.  I kept interest in A&A and got D-day and BotB.  I then picked up revised.  I lost interest in A&A for a while and didn’t get anniversary or anything.

    When I saw A&A 40 coming out, I regained interest in A&A and I’m loving this newest game.  I have played many face-to-face games against my nephew, and also played about a dozen online games on these forums.  I play as often as possible, and I spend a lot of time thinking of off-the-wall strategies to employ in my next game.  My tried and true axis strategy doesn’t fail very often, but it gets boring, so I try new things all the time and they frequently fail.  All good, love trying out new strats.

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