• A worthy moment to take some deep reflection, and spread the fruits of that exercise around to all your friends, neighbors, visitors, family.

    Best wishes to all for the strengthening of each and every one’s Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness all around this battered, green, brown and blue old world.

    Meditate on the blood, honor and truth that wave within that tattered flag, for it represents not only the America we know today, but the best ideals of humanity through the ages, and to come.

    Stand… and speak together, and listen to one another.

    How can we create a nation of free individuals, in every place beyond all borders, so that one day our children may bless the name America without misgiving, without intolerance, without ignorance, poverty, sickness of heart, without arrogance and heaven help us, without violence upon ourselves and our relatives throughout the natural world.

    Peace & Justice

  • Thanks ZZZ, nuff said.

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