How likely should Sealion be?

  • Japan is only getting 1 round to ‘sweep’ the DEI, after that US is in the war anyways.

  • Well yeah.

    That’s more than enough to take each island, if Japan has had 2 rounds to prepare.
    Or they’ll be sweeping west to smack India hard.  Not take it, but definitely reduce their infantry if possible.

    A UK2 attack was very possible, and had its benefits, but Japan could definitely counter it.  I don’t see why that’s “gamey”.

  • @theROCmonster:

    I am fine with the boost. I am fine with Germany being able to take UK on T4 at a 75% or higher chance with 11 transports, but the poll was asking about a T3 take of UK with UK being able to build all defense and send all defensive units back. This is also why I stated the 5%. I think in the real war it wouldn’t have been till 43 or later before Germany would really be ready for a Sea Lion with a great chance of success. The real problem was UK had 16 battleships! and 5 AC’s and hundreds of destroyers and smaller craft, AS WELL AS the same air power strength. Sorry I shouldn’t talk about actual history in these polls or feelings on global 1940. I feel the same way you do that the axis need a boost to make the game more fun. In all honesty I hope the game becomes after everything is done a 48/52 with allies being 52% favor. This is because the allies are substantially harder to play than the Axis, and I think it should take a really good allied strategy to win. Just my two sense…

    You undersell the UK naval strength, they started the war with 15 battleships and 5 KG-V class battleships under construction, also 7 carriers and 5 more building (although they carried swordfish instead of real aircraft, they were good enough to score some significant victories such as Toranto and damaging Bismark), as well as lots of cruisers and destroyers (As many as anyone else in the world). Also they started the war with almost as many submarines as Germany. (65 german vs 53 UK - and the UK gets no subs while Germany gets 5 )

  • Never was so much owed by so many to so few
      He also said that another 2 weeks and they would had nothing to send up to counter the German Air force. Hitler also ordered the operation “SEA LION”
    I think you should always go for the sea lion look, and when they think they have the ultimate defense throw a lug wrench in their cog wheel and do a Barbarossa
    all this took place before  Hitler decided to turn his attack on Russia

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