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    D.��  DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN YOU NEED!��  Now is NOT the time to be greedy!��  Take Egypt (IC for Italy) and the Middle East, take England and Scotland sure.��  You dont need Gibraltar -fun, and be nice to get the Italian fleet out, but it also gives America a Naval Base later.��  Remember, the allies can take any British territory for themselves, so don’t take it unless you can defend it!��  Same for France!

    Wait so once a country’s capitol falls its teritories can be captured and added to the IPC value of an ally? I must’ve missed that rule somewhere…

    Only if both the territory and the capitol were both taken by the other side.�  For example, suppose Germany takes Paris and Japan takes French Indo China, and then USA takes it back.�  Because Paris is occupied they don’t liberate FIC for France; instead they occupy it until Paris is liberated.�  In the meantime, USA gets the IPCs, they can build an IC there and mobilize units, etc.�  It is a good reason for the axis to never take FIC (or Western France for that matter) unless they intend to defend them (e.g. it really sucks when USA has the IC in Western France).

    The same would go for some places like South Africa after sea lion,�  Suppose London falls, then Italy takes it, then USA takes it back.�  USA would occupy it until London is liberated.�  �Â

    Ah ok that makes sense. Ok thanks  🙂 One more question… Is that an OOB rule or Alpha rule?

    It has been the rule for Classic, Revised, Anniversary and Global.

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