Big business versus Medal of Honor Marine

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    This story enraged me.  Basically it’s BAE wanting to sell super advanced sniper rifles (better than what the US uses) to Pakistan and then lashing out at a ‘low level’ employee who didn’t think it a good idea.  That ‘low level’ employee is the only living person to receive the US medal of honor and knows a thing or two about the good guys.

  • I just read that myself    couldn’t agree more
    it’s pretty hard to fight a war when your allies are your enemies
    Those guys might have to fight their way out of afghanistan

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    One of today’s world’s ails: “managers” being put in charge of experts. It happens all the time, and in this case, even when lives are involved. A sad affair.

  • They way they are representing this in the states is horriffic. I read a story on Yahoo news today that framed the story as though the Sgt Meyer was actually suffering from PTSD or had some other mental problem from his experiance in Afganistan. The article started with mentioning how President Obama commented that Sgt Meyer was very “down to earth” but then this is framed like some tragic statment implying that he is disturbed. Worse then that, the story has since been removed    :oops:

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