Unique situation - what are the rules?

  • Okay, here is the scenario: sz112 has 1 French and 1 British cruiser at the end of G1, and Germany places a build of 1 dd in that seazone. Once it becomes Britain’s turn, Britain is forced to either vacate the sz or attack. They choose to vacate, and so sz112 has 1 French cruiser and 1 German dd at the beginning of I1.

    Italy would like to clear the seazone for Germany as Germany has transports coming in from the Baltic. So she sends the NI bomber and a SI fighter.

    Question: If the French cruiser scores a hit, can it be taken on the German destroyer in the seazone? The destroyer is not attacking, obviously, but it is there. Can anyone clarify please?

  • You can not make multinational attacks
    Therefore the German unit is not placed on the “battle board”
    Im sure you have enough of an understanding of the game to not need the battle board, but remember, its also a place. If units cant go to the battle board, they cant be taken as casualties.

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