If an airbase is bombed, can infantry still paratroop?

  • It would be inoperable i would assume ( 4 or more dmg )

    and does Heavy bombers apply to tactical bombers?

  • does anyone know the answers?

  • In the Europe rule book its page 16 for the effects of Stat. Bombing and on page 12 it tells about pay for units and repair damaged facilities. In the Pacific book its on pages 14 and 10
      I’m not a rules interpreter but it does say that repairs take effect immediately,  so I would say pay and use them or dont pay and dont use them
    If I’m wrong please let me know
    Enjoy the game and good luck!!!

  • assuming you don’t repair, you cannot use an airbase for its special abilities.  That would include paratroopers.

    No, Tactical Bombers are not Strategic Bombers.  Heavy Bomber tech only effects Strategic Bombers.

  • thanks

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