Nato attacks Pakistan….Extreme non=-political version

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    I’m not sure what rule was violated.  So, NATO, a non-political entity mistakenly attacked the Pakistani army on Pakistani soil.  At first it was thought of as a mistake.  Now, perhaps not such a blatant mistake….

    This original article portrays it as a mistake…

    This update shows possible probably cause.

    My question is two fold.

    A) Is this incident getting media attention in your respective area?

    B) Do you think NATO would attack in this way, claim it was a mistake but in reality NATO was sending a message to Pakistan…“We know your official troops were backing the Taliban so we took them out” while publicly taking the heat as if it were a ‘mistake’?

    If this somehow violates the terms of posting, please highlight what is offensive and I will do my best to reword/rephrase it.

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    Answering in an extremely non-political way:

    A) It does. The typical, average web site / paper / television coverage. But it’s one of many items, there’s no special emphasis. My “area” being the Netherlands, btw.
    B) No. I generally don’t believe in far-fetched explanations or conspiracy theories. That’s not because they couldn’t be true, but because I’m convinced that human stupidity is a determining force in world events past and present.

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    Ha, good point!  Never underestimate the ability of humans to do stupid things.

    The local mass media here in south central Canada is slowly starting to pick this story only now, initially in print but now mentions of this on large TV news outlets.

    I think it was a mistake, I hope there is a ‘conspiracy’ here in that I hope it was not a repeatable mistake.

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    30 Sept 2010: Nato helicopters kill two Pakistani soldiers, prompting nearly two-week border closure in protest
    22 April 2011: Supplies to Nato forces in Afghanistan halted for three days in protest over drone attacks
    2 May: US announces Bin Laden’s death and says Pakistan not warned of raid
    2 June: Top US military chief Adm Mike Mullen admits “significant” cut in US troops in Pakistan
    10 July: US suspends $800m of military aid
    22 Sept: Outgoing US Adm Mullen accuses Pakistan of supporting Haqqani militant group in Afghanistan; denied by Pakistan

    Interesting Snapshot.

    Yep, People are Stupid.  And yes,  People make mistakes.

    But when a “Special Forces” team, radio’s in and ASKS permission to engage a unit, that’s engaging them…

    Military sources earlier told the BBC that a US-Afghan special forces mission had been in the area, where a Taliban training camp was believed to be operating.

    They said the mission came under fire from a position within Pakistan, and they received permission from the headquarters of Nato’s Isaf mission to fire back

    No mistake was made…

    And the farther down the rabbit hole you go…

    Pakistani troops are fighting the Taliban in the crucial border region. Hundreds of militants have been resisting attempts by the security forces to clear them from southern and south-eastern parts of the district

    So in my opinion  there are 3 distinct possibilities.

    1.  Some Pakistani Troops support the Taliban, either by bribery, or ideology, and thus, attacked NATO forces, causing the retaliation.

    2. Pakistan unofficially supports the taliban, and is finally being caught red handed.

    3. FALSE FLAG attack.  A few smart Taliban get their hands on Pakistan uniforms, and fire RPG’s from outside a forgotten Pakistani military post, to attract international attention, and garner support from the local population of Pakistan

    Either way, it’s NOT a NATO problem, and they are doing what they ought to be doing.

    **IMO  If you study the conflicts in Afghanistan, from 1850, until now, Whether you are the British 3 times, the Russians, or NATO,  the same fact remains true,  Like controlling Sicily is the key to defeating Italy,  controlling Pakistan is the key to defeating Afghanistan. **

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    For those interested, I found another article on this topic.  The Pakistan army believes the attack was on purpose, that more are planned and that they plan to deploy air defense systems along the border.  Some comments are made by low level officers where plausible deniability exists by higher ups.  This comment was made by Major General Ashfaq Nadeem, director general of military operations to a Senate committee on defense.  The other articles were from the BBC, this one from Canadian media.

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