Dec. 7th 1941 What are your war game plans?

  • All day multiple boards one on one, it has to be on the 10th we all have to work on the 7th

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    Turn planes around and start war with just the British/Dutch.

    Second option is make truce with China, so you might end the oil embargo with US.

    Third option is invade Hawaii at the same time you attack and also attack the Panama Canal, buying more time for Japan

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    My plans are to… lock myself in my room and study for finals. But best wishes to all players. May the dice be with you.


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    A & A war gaming.To bad Dec. 7 is coming early this year. On turn 5 in my game and Germany just attacked Mother Russia. So I’m sure the Japs ain’t going to wait! Best wargaming to everybody.

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    To bad Dec. 7 is coming early this year.

    It’s roughly around the same time as in other years.  😄

    As for me, I suppose that I’m expected to work that day.

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