• Does anyone know why the computer is so easy in A&A? I can’t always find an opponent so I will play the cpt and they are too easy.

  • '19 Moderator

    Because it’s like the scare crow in Wizard of Oz. I would be better if it only had a brain.

    Seriously, it is a low budget game with little time spent on the artificial intelegence.

  • The only thing you can do to make playing the computer more of a challange is to double the amount of units their side has from the start. It won’t help the AI’s choice of battles or movement, but will sure make things more interesting rather then a 4 round knockout of the puter. As far as a game, I am sure one of us is always up for a game via email on here, just post a challange to the “Games” section and see who wants to take you on.

    Viva la Axis!

  • how do you down load it ?

  • Check KaZaA lite…

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