• what group of People do you think should your Ideal Dream Country glorify?? we all know in the USA its the Businessman and the Industrialist and in Soviet Russia it was the lowly Worker, but lets here yours 🙂

    if there are any options i left out say so and ill add the option 😉

  • … thinkers and writers …

  • Like the fact that you have Scientist up there,
    but i’d go with “health-care-professional” 😉

  • '19 Moderator

    Well I think that Merchants, Labourers, and Soldiers need glorification to be successful, Scientists and Artists are driven to do what they do, so unfortunately, do not require near as much praise for thier efforts.

    I don’t know if glorify is the correct term, but I do believe that Scholars and educators deserve the greatest reward.

    Although Engineers should have some mention


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