• I have a strategy were the U.S. took norway on their 4th turn and built an minor industrial complex there to help support russia while transporting troops across the atlantic. This could happen because our Japanese player usually attacks U.S. on J3 because they want to get the DEI as early as they can, and take philipeans with them. On U.S. 3 they move their fleet off of the coast of england, then take norway. We played out a similar situation last game, except U.S. Invaded France U.S. 4.

  • How can USA reach England in turn 3 when Japan waited until turn 3?
    (though they can via Gibraltar)

    Also it depends on what germany bought, if they have many transports, for example (not unusual in a real or faked Sea-Lion scheme), Germany can easily kick the US out again, and probably sink their fleet as a bonus.

    I don’t see it happening.

  • They can’t sorry. They were in 118 last time and thats 2 away from normandy. ok so what about the U.S. invading on turn 5

  • @otahere34:

    They can’t sorry. They were in 118 last time and thats 2 away from normandy. ok so what about the U.S. invading on turn 5

    Well, Norway isn’t a bad target, if the situation allows. What would be your estimated US fleet (including ground units)?

    Probably the best place to work from is (as usual) Gibraltar, since it potentially targets a lot countries, giving a lot of choice, depending on what the enemy does. Also they can’t predict if you will attack Norway or not, which is good too. If Germany beefs up Norway, good, that is less troops elsewhere and you do another thing, if they don’t, lock the target!
    I had the feeling you want to attack Norway from SZ125 (safer for your fleet) then you indeed need to sail by UK first, and Germany is likely to have a clue about your plans.

    Some things i always consider before i’d strike:

    1. how much ground forces can USA bring with them? (the earlier they want to attack, the less troops they can bring with, and you don’t want to loose them along the way)

    2. what can Germany throw on Norway after you have taken it (fleet, transports, air force and units in Finland), possible scramblers if you invade from SZ112. 
    If Germany has no transports but has warfleet, keep in mind they can buy transports and attack back the next turn and take your IC away. So you need a 2nd wave with troops and/or planes the next turn.

    3. what can UK send to reinforce the US fleet and the freshly conquered Norway (fighters, infantry per ship) and is it enough to keep Norway with?

    4. What can Russia do? Maybe attack Finland in preparation for a Norway invasion. Spare a fighter. Depends. If you are planning a Norway strat, be sure to have Russia to be agressive in the north.

    The thing is… for 1, 2 and 3 you will probably need more turns to get all that ready. So, going Norway, sure. But (in my case at least) it takes more turns because i want to keep it once i take it.
    But maybe i am too careful 😉

  • Usually by around turn 2 or 3 i can have 4 transports loaded with 4 inf 2 art and 2 tanks. I could also have some surface warships and maybe some subs while also having around the same number in pacific. I could move transports from pacific to further strengthen my invasion force there also. Usually by this point in our games, the german player is deep into russia and sometimes just bypasses leningrad alltogether, so it would probably be just the 6 inf in Finland. If thats the case, I’ll try to get russia to clear them out so U.S. can help with them later. Plus the German player probably won’t see it coming as he didn’t see a U.K. invasion of France on turn 3 last game.

  • Well, in this situation a Norway strat certainly has good potential.

    Before, when Major IC’s were still allowed, it was outright deadly 😉

  • Yea that rule really stinks but oh well.

  • Our games normally see the Germans build some fleet (including a couple tpts). Agreed Gibr gives many options (no AB makes it somewhat riskier), but if US comes to Norway via Gib (they can see it coming), then the Germans can delay it by simply building (or moving) a dd off coast of Normandy (sz 110) to block them for a turn. So the US (if is still going north) will normally kill the dd (move to sz 110), and have the UK build a carrier (add/planes) to try to keep the Germans from hitting them (provided the UK is still in the game). Then the US can probably take Norway (UK can land air to def), but the Germans again can be ready to counter it from the Baltic. Again our games usually see some navy builds for the Germans, and the western allies will need a good sized fleet to get close to shore.

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