World at war game game 3

  • Yep last event before christmas……
    saturday november 26…

    We looking for at least 2 players so if someone in Montreal region want more info about our games and/or want to join or club just send me a PM.
    The gamemaster

  • Oh well, after a marathon of 17 hours of war, the game end with a tie.
    It was the principle of the elephant and the whale.
    Allies took contriol of pacific and atlantic ocean.
    Allies Destroyed the kriegmarine and IJN and conquer Italy and put a feet in western france but USSR
    was almost conquer by germany and japan swetp away China.
    The nazy control Europe and germany was too strong. It will take a 10 turn to change the curse of the game.
    Bombing japan and germany could be the best solution but it will cost a lot of money!

    A Good game so far.
    Members play better than ever .
    A good news, one of our members create a site on the net.
    statistic,rules and photos will be available.
    Next game, marsh 2012. no victory for the allies in 2011 so I hope 2012 will be better for the Allies.

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    Ya but axis winning all the time could be a good thing crusa. LOL looking forward to seeing your results.

  • LOL ya but the Allies score is 2 lost and 2 ties in the last for 4 games. I’m worry about that
    but I thing the futur will be good with the changes we made for the next game in february or march 2012.
    The secret for the US is simple.

    First step = Take control of pacific and atlantic. (Destroy IJN and Uboat)
    second step = At the beiginning of turn 9 (After US receive all IPC money) Buy a lot of bomber and bomb away germany and japan.
    If you gain a weapons development…buy B29…
    third step = d-day in Italy and France.
    Can’t wait to play the hext game.
    I’'ll probably play USSR. I’m gonna build SU 85 and crunch german panzer!!!

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    Just starting turn 7 with Germany, Japan knockin on Russia’s door, Italy controls all of Africa and Saudi Arabia,Iran, but UK still has India with 22 inf so big battle coming with Japan if they have numbers to conquer otherwise will take more turns, Uk has a nice small navy by Austrlia and US is weak in Atlantic after Pearl Habor attack, and has 12 troops in UK (london) gettin ready for D-day and good navy there with some UK navy after Germany destroyed all of UK’s Navy and Russia holding own for now with US troops coming over finally with Cargo Ships. To me looks like Allies might pull it off. Saw your 3 tips on US. Well see about the bombers SBR’s and B -29’s. Hopefully get 3 more rounds in this weekend. SS over and out!

  • Cool can’t wait the result.
    Keep india and reconquer egypt.
    Force IJN to attack UK and US fleet. US must take con trol of pacific as fast as you can!!

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    Can you believe it, no tech for any country yet after 7 turns. Not 1 country picked even a free tech event card.

  • I’m not surprised. Don’t forget at the beginning of turn 9, some weapon developement become available for free.

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