Abattlemap Open Source Project

  • http://sourceforge.net/projects/abattlemap/

    Abattlemap’s source code is available at the above link. We are looking for folks who know how to do programming and would like to help improve ABattlemap.

  • I’m currently too busy for that, but maybe I could have a look later on. I just downloaded the source code, and coding in C or C++ is kind of part of things I’m teaching, so that could interest me (even if I’m not an expert either).

    Anyway, just had a quick look ; looks like there is very few documentation, and the only doc I saw is in german… that I may read but I(m not fluent either.

    Do you know who coded that ? Or who knows about and wouldn’t mind some explanations ?


  • That’s very interesting.  Good for Atti.  I considered doing that myself, but MapView is written in a dead language so I didn’t think I’d get much participation with it.

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