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    Hey Jen,
    I was just looking over your ideas for the tech charts and realized you didn’t just combine them, you kind of boosted several of the technologies to make them even better.  I like it.  A few questions if you don’t mind:
    1 - Improved Mechs – Shouldn’t they also be able to blitz without tanks?
    2 - Long Range Aircraft – do they still get the +1 movement bonus when leaving an air base?  (Ftrs/Tacs = 7, Strat = 9)
    3 - Improved Factories – Why did you lower the cost of a Major IC to 24 while still adding 2 to their production capacity?  Is it because you added 2 to Minors while keeping them the same price?

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    I’ll answer you in the Delta +1 thread, since Larry has closed Alpha+3.

    I am locking this thread because Alpha is closed.  As I see “alpha” threads I will lock them as well.

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