Subs & transports

  • In a game I played the other day I was germany and had a sub in sz 91 off the coast of morocco. My friend, who was uk, claimed that he could move an unescorted transport from sz 106 and unload at morocco (still french).
    The alpha +3 rules says:

    Transports are not allowed to unload land units for an amphibious assault in a sea zone containing an an enemy sub(s) belonging to a power with which they are at war unless at least one of his warships was also present in the sea zone at the end of the Combat Move phase.

    I told him that I couldn’t believe that it would make a difference if his transports was unloading troops to a hostile or friendly territory but gave him the bennefit of the doubt.

    So, which one of us is correct?

  • During Non-combat, transports can ignore subs.  Your friend is right.

  • Okay, thanks. I’ll let that bastard know he was right.

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