• Does anyone have a good strategy for Japan? I have been stuck with Japan and that was a fail. I was doing good in Asia and then all of a sudden the allies had a HUGE army!

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    You should spend some time reading the many articles on this and other websites.  Google is a great tool.  I learned a great deal when I spent the time to do some research first before asking somebody to re-write a lengthy article on strategies.  I’m sure others have some handy links to offer.

  • May I humbly recommend the MACE WINDU FLYING JEDI strategy?

  • What would that be?

  • @Lufftwaffe:

    What would that be?

    don’t get him started 😄

    Edit: to kinda answer your question: i haven’t played Japan myself, but as the Allied opponent i can say that i usually fear a japan fleet (including transports) to get too active in the Indian ocean, threatening India, the Middle East and Africa.

    Also, personally, i think transports are better for japan than IC’s.

  • @Bunnies:

    May I humbly recommend the MACE WINDU FLYING JEDI strategy?

    The Force is strong on this one…

  • Your first Round build should depend on your opponets move with russia and UK. Russia may put 6 men in bury and 4 men in sinkiang making your buy a must be either 2 DD’s 2 transports, or 3 transports 1 DD. This depends on if you kill the US fleet or not. I recommend leaving the US fleet alone and killing all of UK’s fleet and killing buryatia and china as well. If the allies go weak against japan before japan’s turn I still recommend transports possibly 3 transports and 1 destroyer, but transports are more for the advanced/expert player. If you feel you are not as solid with transport movements, then buy 1 transport 1 destroyer and 1 industry. Try by the end of the game to have 4-6 jap transports and 2-3 industries. Japan should always be making in the 50’s by the end of the game, unless the allies decide to go japan first, then having these transports and destroyer bought first round really help for counter attacks.

  • How can Japan focus on the UK fleet? UK doesnt get in the Pacific with much and the US is the main threat to Japan anyway. Why not try to take out the US?

  • The UK Indian Ocean fleet.

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