Modifying FMG's Italian Battleship

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    How does the seam look?

  • Jim,

    You did a great job on this.

    FWIW, I paint my pieces too.  I paint the hull of all my ships (except the subs) Navy Grey and the decks and superstructure the “nation” color.  This makes a very nice effect.

    I have not painted the Italians of my AAE40 set yet, but my nation colors are …
    US - wood decks w/ navy grey superstructures
    UK - Armor sand decks w/ aluminum superstructures
    ANZAC - Forest green decks /w grey superstructures
    Russia - who cares - Light brown
    Japan - leave the decks orange after painting the hull navy grey and paint the superstructure aluminum
    Germany - Paint the hull navy grey, leave the decks alone and paint the superstructures aluminum

    I’m sure there are folks that have ideas for better nation colors or more imagination for the superstructures than aluminum, but something along these lines does add to the effect of painted ships.

    I also paint my other pieces but the color scheme does not exactly match the ships.  For Jaoan, I use IJN green, IJA green and Sand as colors for units.  My Russians get a light brown.  My US units are olive w/ other colors like brown boots and weapons.  My UK units are armor sand and Aussies are forest green; both w/ brown weapons and boots.

    Enjoyed it. Good Luck.

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    I’ve toyed with doing more realistic paint jobs like you have.  I guess I gave up as it involved more than a spray can.  I wouldn’t mind having nively detailed painted pieces for a deluxe game one day though.


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    Hey Dino -

    I painted my AA50th set like what you’ve described, couldn’t agree with you more - and if you do alterations like Jim’s, it also covers up the changes nicely.  Yeah Dino, as far as the paint selections you describe, I like it because such an approach adds enough detail to the minis to make them closer in resemblance to the historical counterparts… yet with color schemes that allow for ease of game play.  I have tried to do total historical accuracy when painting A&A minis before… but it gets too difficult for new players (and some veteran ones) to recognize who is who at a glance - extends gameplay (and that REALLY isn’t needed)… Your (and my I guess) approach offers enough uniformity to avoid this.

    Now… I’m considering other options in regard to altering the battleship’s top cannon… I was wondering if if might be easier for me to simply “raise” the whole thing by merely building onto the one already there with modeling clay.  Hmm…  Mainly because I don’t have the other materials handy right now.

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    You’ll find that the sheet styrene is really going to be easier.  1 block for the turret, 3 strips for the barrels.

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    Hmm… you may be right.  The clay at that scale gets really ‘fiddly’.

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    THis is what I did, I took the turret off one ship and replaced it on another.


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    That looks better.

    Still, I don’t like scratching  a BB.

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    That looks excellent.  Not to keen on scraping a BB either… perhaps an OOB BB would work?

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    Turrets are too small on OOB, and there is no barrel detail.  If you don’t want to scatch a BB, then your only choice is to do what I did in outlined in this thread.


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    I dont’ like scrapping pieces either. I bought 4 sets of FMG’s Italians and I took all the badly bent battleships and scrapped them. I’ll have 12 battleships instread of 24!

  • OK, here is a link to another site where I posted several photos of my painted pieces.  Please remember I am not finished painting all of them yet.  It is a lot of work  but I think it is worth it.

    Enjoy  -  Dinosaur

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    Those are sweeeet.    Especially like those black/dark green (?) zeros! A good choice of green for those Brit infantry… good stuff all around.  Looks pretty cool having painted pieces in a game yeah?

  • The Japanese planes are painted either “sand” or “IJN green”.  The Japanese infantry are painted either “sand” or “IJA green.”  I use the sand infantry on the island campaign and I use the green infantry on the mainland.  The sand color planes are my fighters, and the IJN planes are my TAC bombers.  Note the bombers also have two meatballs but the fighters have only one.  The Beatys are the strategic bombers still.  I didn’t like the oversized planes for TAC bombers, especially when they slipped off the carriers so much.

    Painted pieces are awesome.  You will spend some time doing it but you’ll love what you get.

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    Nicely painted pieces, but please keep this thread about the modification of the FMG Italian BB.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Pretty ingenious, definitely food for thought since it gives us options for future modifications. Nice job.

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