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    HBG is making new and improved pieces for axis and allies. This is a picture of his U.S.marines in an olive drab, he also has them in the Pacific99 marine greeen. Go to to see whats comming soon!!  Like the U.S. naval suplpement set that can be pre-ordered, would possibly contain South Dakota class BB, Essex class CV, Atlanta class light CA, and Montana class Heavy BB.

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    As you know in about a month HBG will be releasing it’s US Supplement Set with a real winning cast of units included:

    P-40 Warhawk (early) Fighters, P-51 Mustang (Late) Fighters, C-46 Commando Transports, Airborne Parachute Infantry, M-3 Stuart Light Tanks, M-5 Priest S/P Artillery, M-10 Hellcat Tank Destroyers, Nevada “class” Battleships, Casablanca “class” Escort Carriers, Mack 2 1/2-ton Trucks, TBF Avenger Torpedo Bombers, and B-25 Mitchell Medium Bombers.  WOW!!!  This will be a GREAT Set.

    It’s not open to Pre-Orders YET, but should be VERY soon.  Everyone should really make sure they don’t miss out on orderring this GREAT SET.  Later, Guys

    “Tall Paul”

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