• With the new setup changes, ie no air bases Gib Malta, and 2nd IT fighter in S. Italy and the added 3rd portion of the fleet in 96, what are your preferred attacks with the brits in the Med. I know what Germany does might influence what you do, but state assumptions first IE no german fighters in S italy. Or 2 German fighters S italy. No sealion, possible sealion.

    I have ran the attacks I like a few times with dice, and the results have not been very good imo for the brit fleet. I sent 91 CR to 96 with the Gib FGT. The Malta FGT, and the fleet from 98 to 97.

    What works for you? What do you like to do to cripple the italians? Also better to use transport to attack Tobruk, active greece or other? I don’t like the ground odds attacking Trobruk either unless I am missing something on UK1.

  • I still attack the Italian fleet in SZ96 and the move my fleet to SZ92 with protection from the AB (bought) and fighters.  Activate Greece as well.  This will not only give you more money, but slows the Italians down.

    Then if the Italien fleet ever moves from port in the next turn or two, I destroy it.  The only way the Italien fleet survives, is if it stays home.

  • So you leave the BB? The tran has to stay behind in 99. That means you only attack 96 with air and merge the fleet during NCM?

    Do you usually do any ground attacks around Alexandria Sudan Eygpt?

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    My only attack UK1 in the Med would be SZ#96 with my aircraft carrier and all 3 air units available.

    My non-combat would be:

    1. I would land the fighter from Gibraltar on the carrier if it survived, & I would fly the remaining 2 air units to Egypt ( I would be sure to leave 1 fighter on the carrier)
    2. I would move my Cruiser from 91 (assuming I still have it) into 94, blocking Gibraltar
    3. I would move my Destroyer and Cruiser from 98 into 99 blocking Egypt
    4. I would move my transport from 98 to 96 and pick up 1 infantry and 1 AA Gun from Malta, and move to 81 where I would drop them in Egypt
    5. I would move the destroyer from 71 into 81.
    6. I would move the Cruiser and Destroyer from 39 into 76
    7. I would move the Battle ship from 37 into 75
    8. I would move any ship that survived in the earlier Atlantic battles into 91
    9. I would move my 2 Infantry from South Africa to Rhodesia
    10. I would move 1 Infantry from Egypt & 1 Tank from Alexandria to Anglo-Egypt Sudan
    11. I would move the Infantry from West India into Eastern Persia.
    12. And I would pull back 1 Infantry & 1 Artillery from Alexandria to Egypt (leaving 1 Infantry in Alexandria as a blocker)

    After all this, the Italians are completely surrounded without any chance of getting Gibraltar or the Suez. That will allow the reinforcement ships from India and the surviving ships from the Atlantic to enter the Med in UK2. The transport in 81 can ferry back and forth from 71 to 81, helping the new units from South Africa get to Egypt faster (the Calcutta transport will be to busy making money on the Islands). Germany will get strong, but when the entire Italian fleet is sunk, Italy will be a non factor for the rest of the game which may force Germany to pull back. If this kill Italy first strategy works, the end result will be a landing on rome with the help of an Egyptian factory (hopefully, before Moscow falls).

    For this to happen the US will need to build a fleet during peace time in the Pacific and move what they start with down to 54. Everything in 54 when they enter the game at the end of round 3, will allow them to protect Calcutta and the Philippines. they also need a small landing force to support Gibraltar when they enter the war. In the East, after securing 91, their transports should go to Brazil while their warships should enter the Med and help make sure Italy stays out of the water.

    Thats what I see at first glance.

  • Thanks for the detail. I think I am going to have to leave SZ 97 alone. Even without German fighters, it is too risky to attack. What that does do, is allow Germany to not have to move fighters south since the attack on 97 is no longer truly feasible UK1.

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