What do do with Germany

  • If he leaves your british fleet alive, build a carrier and 2 dd’s t1 with UK and start doing landings in norway. Get 5 transports going as UK and start to really punish germany. Or you could send your fleet south build an industrial complex in egypt and kill of italy in the south. Then start pumping units in to italy or greece.

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    Sounds fine to me Jen.  I apologize if I came off as arrogant; I’m simply interested in which tipped the Sealion balance more strongly - 5 more hits for UK vs 1 more Strat and a weaker France for Germany.

    Well, it’s more than just 5 hits lost.  England lost, at a minimum, 13 Punch as well but that’s only looking at what units you no longer have to bring to the fight, you are not looking at the losses due to Convoy Raids that cannot be stopped (no destroyers left) nor the Strategic Bombers hitting the Complex.  Between CRD and SBR England should lose another 6 units.  So now England is down 11 Hits and 25 Punch and that is very significant really.

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