• After my first gaming experiences at GTO I can see the charms of playing there, but I think there are also many disadvantages. But since my experience playing there is really only slim, maybe I am missing something. So please correct me if I am wrong.


    1. No need to bother with setting up the hosting
    2. Much more players
    3. AAA players play only Spring 1942 or Revised, no BigWorlds, NWO etc.
    4. Keeps your basic personal stats
    5. Has functioning and competitive league
    6. Time control

    1. You can play only after you pay GTO coins, which costs you money
    2. You can save the game only to the PBEM format whch costs you more money
    3. No chance to observe other games when they are played /but I was told they work on it/
    4. No battle calc, no complete picture of the game (no TUV statistics), less user friendly interface
    5. Keeps personal statistics, but not precisely enough (you cannot see who did you play)
    6. Time control
    7. No edit option to fix or bypass the bugs



    1. Open source for free
    2. The old bunch of the nice guys
    3. When you get bored with spring 1942, you can play AA50 or some of the special maps for a change :-)
    4. Very good interface, keeps control of the stats during game
    5. You can easily save and you can watch other players’ games
    6. It has the kind edit mode
    7. Sometimes you can play Hobbes here  :-)


    1. Really hard to get a V4 game sometimes
    2. Limited number of oponents
    3. No personal stats at all
    4. The league is not working if someone so mediocre as I can lead it  after 20 + games in 6 months :mrgreen:
    5. Not entirely easy to host a game
    6. Not that much challenging oposition (I think Hobbes must have hit really something extreme when he lost his first 2 games, since I am 4-0 at GTO after four games, taking Moscow R2 in the last one :roll:)

    Well, please those lists are just from a top of my mind, please correct me, vote and discuss! I would be esspecially interested in ideas what can be done to get more people playing at TripleA because I sort of love it there and after a few experiences at GTO I am affraid I might get seduced by the marvellously easy way you get a game there.

  • R2…… dont pick on the noobs  :-)

    If u can get guys like Fr3shPr1nce (W-100, L-5) , WilliamtheBloody or Hitman to play against, u will get the challenge u are searching for.

    As for the GTO i like it cause i can get a game any time i can play i tried ones at TripleA there was 10 people at that time there and i could not host so that was really frustrating.
    The  problem i have with GTO is that there is a huge pool of revised players and they dont wanna switch to 42, revised league is consisted of about 15 divisions (while 1942 only 5). All the new members like  1942 better and the pool is growing every month but they are still not that experienced and that is why your score is 4-0 for now.

    I noticed that people there like multi games there is even 2v2 tourney every 3 months (revised or 1942).

    I dont like PBEM games either they still have few problems with them (like AI picks your casualties…example on G2 your opponent attack sz2 and germ sub hits AI assigns hit to BB but we all rather take rus sub)), but i dont use it very often only in the league and when i split live game in 2 blocks, but there is lot of people that play only pbems cause of work or etc. and they use Subscription for  $3.95 per month with unlimited number of games.

    As i know they are working on many new features to improve the games but they are doing it slow :-(

    • bid for allies
    • option to watch the game
    • round counter
    • more in game options like picking the whole stack with 1 click

    And as for the timer i usually play 60 sec for buy and 3 min per turn so usually games last between 2-3 hours.

  • '12

    I’m surprised there is not mention of PBEM on this site, though technically it is PBForum.  I think the pros/cons of this place ought to be considered.

    I wonder if the primary difference is the tempo at which the games are played out.

  • TripleA advantage number 7 now also applies to GTO, although I’m not sure some people would consider it an advantage at all!  :-D

  • I am not familiar with triple A but from my side GTO offers a very nice interface for online play.
    I see the time limits as an advantage also if I’m playing people I don’t know. But often I meet with friends there to play a multiplayer game without time limits. Some kind og integrated audio would be cool though - we usually Skype while playing.

    I have heard that triple A is turn based, where you do not get to choose casualties as defender is this understood correctly?

    How does multi player games work at triple A?

    What is V4?

  • TripleA works the same as GTO, turn-based applies to both (and the whole set of A&A games).

    They’re different approaches to playing the game. Although I’m discovering and liking GTO at the moment there are a few things that I’m missing from TripleA like the Edit button, changing unit size, autofocus on movement/combat and so on.

    Multiplayer games work like the same on GTO: you get 1 or more people on the lobby, they join your game, choose their power and game starts.

    V4 is Axis and Allies Spring 1942. TripleA got a letter from Hasbro about two years ago saying that they were in copyright infringement so they had to remove any references to A&A on TripleA and rename all the different games.

  • I tried GTO a few months back when Spring 1942 was free for a couple weeks.  For the most part it was good.  My biggest problem was that you could not save a game.  I found out later that you can mutually agree to a (I forget the exact term) draw, a misdeal, something like that so that it didnt count against your record.  Had a 3 plus hour game with no clear winner and my time was up.  Granada said you can save but it costs additional money.

    I pretty much agree with Granada’s pros and cons… 15 bucks isnt so bad either, maybe one day but, I just like triplea, for now thats where I will be.  :mrgreen:

  • All kinds of posts on this site,but why does no one play here?
    (totally free & easy to use with Abattlemap)
    Very curious!

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