• I need some help. I just finished my first game of E1940 as the axis, and around G10 I had to concede defeat. I tried Barbarossa G3, and got Leningrad soon. I also, as Italy had most of the middle east, and even Stalingrad about I5.
    I had several horribly failed sea lions due to bad dice and not enough naval power. Eventually, Britain and the US both had Huge fleets in the channel and were dumping infantry into western europe by the dozens. I was able to fight them off earlier, but now there is just too much. I also just can’t maintain a Navy, although at the end I had a pretty sizable one, but it was too late
    Italy has most of africa, and there are no allied ships in the med, but britain controls gibraltar and there is just 1 Italian Battleship standing between it and italy. The British factory in south africa has pushed all the italian units out of africa, and it will soon be blitzing through some tanks.
    There  is literally nothing standing between the Red Army and Berlin except 1 german infantry and about 2 spaces. I have no land units east of Germany and Greater Southern Germany. It seems my game will end similarly to the way the real war ended.

    I hope that I gave enough information. BTW, I am using OOB rules.

  • I’m no veteran, but from my experience you can’t really focus on Sealion AND the Soviets.  Sealion OOB is really quite easy but then you’ve neglected the Soviets and turning your attention to that front while holding London can be difficult.  People have mentioned G4 attack on Soviets and had success but I’ve found with my own games that it’s difficult for me to take them out after waiting so long.  So that’s my suggestion, do one or the other, not both

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