• I just read through the Allied strat bombing thread when this thought came to my head… how about building a bomber T2 and using it and your other one to decimate Russia’s income? if it works out well then Germany can invade the continent much quicker…possibly with germany helping out through the Baltc if all goes well… or T3 take hawaii and use 2 bombers plus 1 fighter to attack WUS and divert cash that would otherwise go to Africa…

    Just an idea

  • '19 Moderator

    you mean with Japan? It might be worth a try, but you would have to build more that one I would guess at least one per turn.

  • I would say wait till turn 3 or so, you could get 4 transports only, so with 8 inf (24 ipc’s) You would need a production of 39 to build 1 per turn…

  • as far as i’m concerned, a dedicated strategic bombing campaign by either side is a waste of money insofar as building bombers and then replacing any that happen to get hit. the only time i generally use bombers is when i can’t use them to support any other attacks i might be using. it is worthwhile if you can get in some free shots, e.g if an IC has no AA to protect it, but I don’t generally like to use my bombers like that.

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