Painting the world at war

  • Once I click on miniatures games I don’t see tumbling dice as any of my options anywhere on the page. I’m beginning to feel slightly retarded.

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    Oops, my bad, sorry, forgot to mention, click on historical
    try this with all the www   DICE

  • Oh lawdz…. My wife isn’t going to be happy with you DM. Not once she sees my shopping list.

    All it has by way of photo is the tumbling dice logo, there a way I can see the mini I’ll purchase before it arrives at my door?

    I assume I’m looking for the 1/600 scale for everything to stay uniform with my current AA pieces?

    Also, something I just noticed when taking another look at your mini’s; how could you taint your British units by painting a French flag on them! shame shame!

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    Ah! Cheers Dangermouse.  Oh man… they are metals… I’ve resisted the urge to convert to all metals for years (I have leads and pewters for A LOT of other games… just been trying to avoid it for A&A).  Ok… I think my wallet is safe (for now), going to stick with plastics and A&A (ohhh… but the urge is still there…).

    Carnage - That’s not the French flag, the colours are in the wrong order, and it’s also one of the flags the U.K. used - goes well on naval units I think, as it gives the impression of signal flags in my opinion.

    About not asking for directions - yeah… was feeling the same way.  But we’re talking about minis so I was able to swallow my pride and ask eh eh eh.  If I was driving on the freeway on the other hand, I would have of course kept silent and remained lost…

  • I’m discovering my ignorance in the world of Mini’s… I can’t see pictures of what I’d like to buy, also can’t find everything I want. Can you buy replacement Aircraft Carriers as well? I was thinking they’d be great if I could get metal copies of them, that way I wouldn’t need to attach a magnetic strip to keep my aircraft on them. Am I correct in looking for 1/600 scale models?
    Be gentle, my ignorance is showing, and I’m very sensitive.

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    The planes are in 1/600 scale and i took a leap of faith when ordering as there are no pictures of them on site. So far it has all been good. The ships are in a different scale, 1/3000 i think, dont quote me on it though. Imperious leader knows all this stuff and has it in a thread somewhere.

    Can you buy replacement Aircraft Carriers as well? I was thinking they’d be great if I could get metal copies of them, that way I wouldn’t need to attach a magnetic strip to keep my aircraft on them.

    You may still need the magnetic strip. The planes are pewter so still require the magnet, dont know if the ships are the same.

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    1/2400 to 1/3000 is about right on the ships.

  • What about armour? I’d really like to replace some of the tanks the Allies start with so they’re actually what that country used. Same with some of the Arty pieces as well.

    I’m sure I’ll hastle you with more questions as things continue to come up that I hadn’t considered. If I get to be a bother feel free to tell me to piss off 😉

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    Closest scale for armor would be 1/285 or 1/300. GHQ is your best option unless IL knows of something better. These will be a bit smaller than OOB A&A pieces I think.

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    I am still not allowed to post pictures or links unfortunately, just add the http:

    I can help you out… Great Job on these

    THERE… Now everyone can see how AWESOME they are.  See the rest here:

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    Love the Biplane!
    Will you paint mine for me!!!

  • 2018 2017 '15

    Thanks for doing that FMG, will be good to do the italian set when they arrive, i have some of the hbg marines to do as well when i do the  pacific U.S. Thanks for the compliments guys.  I dont think i would be confident enough to paint somebody else’s pieces, i’d be too worried about not doing a good enough job.

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    10 points if you recognise these guys…:)

    corsair aces.jpg

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    F4U Corsair !!!
    From Historical Board Gaming.
    Did I win?

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    Correct  😄 I thought some one might chirp up with the  markings.  What is the most surprising is that finally i have worked out how to post pics without needing links  🙂
    Ok, so they are modeled after Greg Boyington, number 86,  am sure everybody knows about his exploits with “The Black Sheep Squadron” and Ira Kepford, number 29 of the “Jolly Rogers”.

  • Would you by any chance be willing to sell these? lol jk, but they are really awesome I just can’t find the time or money or skill to paint mine like that.

  • 2018 2017 '15

    I dont have the skills of mr allwork, my biggest trouble is finding the time, am a farmer so not much free time at all. Patience and a steady hand are the biggest skills required i think. 🙂

  • 2018 2017 '15

    So i had a bit of a disaster on my hands with the pacific usa. I heard good reports about a product called “Army Painter”, used for the shade, well it wasn’t good at my end. Very expensive, but thought it could save time and everybody said it was good stuff. After applying it it left all my miniatures highly glossed, bugger, had a tin of matt clear so put that over the top and hey presto all my paintwork has bubbled. On top of all that my colour choice was not really correct either. At least it is only my set, order some replacements through HBG. Some pics not so close up……

    usa pac 1.jpg
    early war markings.jpg

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    All the pics are on the mediafire site

    usa pac 2.jpg
    usa pac.jpg

  • 2018 2017 '15


    usa pac 7.jpg
    usa pac 6.jpg

  • 2018 2017 '15


    usa pac 5.jpg
    usa pac 3.jpg

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