Japan for world domination. (Almost)

  • Well thinking about it now I thought it would be worth putting a forum about it.
    A long time ago I was playing this game on the computer version with a friend. I was the Axis and I had terrible luck as Germany. My opponent put all that reached to Karelia (19 infantry 3 or 4 tanks and the two fighters) and of course left 1 infantry in Caucusus to stop the blitz. Now of course I had to attack as Germany. The AA gun hit 5 of 6 leaving only the bomber. The ground units only hit about 3 or 4. The Russians defense was superb. I lost all my infantry and most of my tanks. I retreated. At this point there was nothing I could do as Germany. I brought what I could to Eastern Europe to defend. I built all infantry the first turn. I was crushed by the Russians, who now occupied all of East Europe. By the time it was Germany’s second turn I built more infantry seeing the end as I looked on to a growing British-American navy. Now my opponent sent the Russians into Germany. Who had only about 11 infantry and 4 tanks and 2 planes. The Russians hit pretty good. They whitled my 15 infantry to 7 infantry. The Russians retreated which suprised me. I’ll tell you why later. I built more infantry as I could make no attacks and was hoping to hold out longer. The British made a run on Germany to whitle me down for America to come in and capture which is what happened. Now Japan on the other side of the world had the best of luck. My opponent attacked Manchuria as Russia with the 5 infantry and 1 tank in the east and failed. Russia hit nothing and I hit 3 forcing a retreat. As Japan I capitalized and took over the Russian east using the transport in Japan and by land Yakutt. I attacked India using a lot of planes. The rest went to the China space with the plane in it. I of course did Pearl Harbor as well. Japan won all their battles with very minimal casualties. I gambled and built a factory in Manchuria. I took the one England just built and started to attack Russia via Caucusus and the Far East. America tried to take out the ships that were still in Pearl Harbor and failed as well. America lost much of its airforce and went home with only 1 bomber and of course the battleship. Only wounding my battleship. The next turn came as I advancedthrough Russia attacking the East more and going through the last of China. Taking Persia and getting ready to invade Caucusus. I built tanks out of my factories and collected and waited. Japan 3 comes and I go take Caucusus. This is what I was talking about earlier. I was suprised when my opponent let America take Germany as I thought Russia would as it would need the money for the upcoming attacks by Japan. One of the mistakes they made. Russia 4 and my opponent reinforced Germany becuase I had a few German guys in Southern Europe that could attack the one American left in Berlin. The Russian tanks rolled to defend Moscow which was under threat now. With more tanks being built as Japan me and Russia slugged it out for a bit. The other allies could only minimaly reinforce as I cut England’s IPC’s in Africa, (which was mutually annhialated by England and Germany,) with the tanks I built from India. America was being threatened at the mainland and had to build Infantry. I forgot how much money Japan had. Well over 40 by J6. By J7 I had enough tanks and had whitled down Russia enough to attack Moscow. I successfully did this. After Moscow I was stinking rich and with more on the way as I went through Europe getting the Russian spaces and liberating the German ones. Now here comes the problem. Game isn’t over. Of course by now I was thinking liberate Germany. America had fought me away from their coast and destroyed my fleet with their airforce which was massive. Back up by 8 infantry stationed in Western U.S. I couldn’t do anything to crazy except invade Alaska to cause trouble. The first thing America did after this was build infantry in Germany and Southern Europe, anticipating the Japanese attack. But this was the dagger. My opponent built transports in the West. My opponent had all South and West Europe and Germany in their hands. Providing ALL LOT of IPCS. Thats 22 IPCS extra. England reinforced Germany via its transports. Even a few unsupported Russians were there for the defence of Japan. While all this build up for this MASSIVE fight was happening Japan had much of the world in their hands. America was cutting the Dutch East Indies and threatening Tokyo. But everything was needed for Germany’s liberation. By turn 11 we had huge armies. I attacked with approx 25 tanks and 5 fighters and 1 bomber. But Berlin was defended by about 40 infantry total as well as the RAF and American airfoce that was built fending off Japan from West U.S. back on Turn 7. The AA guns missed. I cleared almost everything but when it came right down to it I just didn’t have enough. All the Allies infantry was dead. Much of the airforce was as well. But I stayed and kept fighting until the Allies were left with 2 fighters in Berlin. I was out of pieces and with no counter strike my hopes of liberating Berlin were crushed. I built what I could in Russia but the American production was SO much more powerful. Every stronghold I made the Americans crushed and moved on. They took over all of Europe and had to much money. It was Turn 15 and the Americans were knocking on Moscow’s door. And on the same turn the American and Japanese navy I rebuilt clashed as well in the sea of Japan. When I lost both battles I decided to surrender. There was a load of transports on their way from West U.S. and I lost influence in Europe. And Russia was back. I wasn’t pulling through. After 15 turns of play the war was over.

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    Nice game, i hate the dice sometimes…. 🙂

  • It difficult enough for the axis to win as 2 vs. 3.  But  1 vs. 3 is much harder…
    sounds like a fun game though, which is what is important!

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