• I tried this in a recient game and it worked pretty good for japan.  All I did was try to buy one or two ACs a turn after turn one,  and fill them with the planes off the land,  and slowly filter the planes as the enemy land troops diminished.  If a medium to strong force is kept in the carolines and new builds in sz6 you have a strong attack force against Hawaii if he decides to move out.

    Japan (at the start) Can keep the US navy at bay for half the cost US spends.  Japan can build 2 ACs and fly 4 planes to fill them.  Japan $32 , USA $72 to match

  • This might be a good stategy against the us treat. But what about increasing your income. japan will be outbuilt and starving in no time.

  • Economy is always an axis first priority.  Japans main problem is not gaining economic steam,  but keeping it in later turns,  and by building carriers you can keep up with the US navy on the cheap and send a smaller navy down to the DEI to keep your economy intact.

  • It’s all about delaying A US attack for one turn, then one more turn, and another.  Every turn you hold onto the dei is another carrier payed for.

  • If you’re pulling planes off mainland Asia in 2’s and 4’s every turn then you’ll be pushed back into the sea by the UK. You can’t produce 1 or 2 Aircraft Carriers/turn, man them with aircraft and not lose ground to the Brits. Especially if you don’t control the Dutch Territories. Strategy also doesn’t speak to dealing with the ANZAC and RN Navy’s in the area.

    That’s my thoughts on it, dunno if it’s right or wrong.


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    Peck’s got the “right idea”

    But he’ll learn that it’s a bad idea once someone else figures out how to respond to this strategy.  His current opponent probably lives in fear of this large stack.

    However, the point is clear,  TIME is a resource that can’t easily be measured in earned IPC’s or units.  It’s often misunderstood, and it’s a resource you need on your side.  Don’t forget it.

  • Time is the problem with all the Axis powers, Germany only has enough time to deal with either Russia OR the UK, but has a lot of problems dealing with both at the same time. Italy… Well Italy is Italy, because the UK goes before them they’re screwed from the start (9 times out of 10 depending on how the dice fall). Japan is the worst off because it’s pulled in so many directions. The question is: Which way is best? Or maybe some combination of both? Further onto mainland Asia through China and Russia and eventually over land to India? South towards the ANZAC, the Dutch Territories and over sea towards India? Or is east towards Pearl and the USN? Then the question is do we preemptively attack them? Or consolidate?
    I’m not saying Japan isn’t taking a few territories in Asia or taking some of the small islands, I’m speaking too Japans focus, what her ultimate goal is.

    IMO Japan is the hardest Country to play as, but also has the most potential. Thoughts?


  • I think you’re right. Japan can make or break the game. To me it’s the most fun country to play. All those choices that will effect everything. Going after Russia will effect the Eastern Front (less IPC for Russia and maybe some forces go to Siberia), going after Pearl could result in more investment in Pacific then Atlantic, etc.

    I play Japan often and hardly ever go for the same strategy two times in a row. I either go China/Russia, ANZAC, India or Pearl.

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    Yeah, one thing I have noticed with Japan is they seem to do either very good or very bad.  If things are going good, say due to good planning, lucky dice, less USA in the Pacific, whatever, then they can grow pretty big and even outstrip Germany in conquests and IPC gains.  However, if things go bad, then they usually go VERY bad with their navy getting sunk and their land troops getting overwhelmed by Chinese and Brits on Asia.  A lot of times when that happens, Japan ends up being cornered on their home island and unable to get back out to do anything.  There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

  • Very good or very bad is my read of how it usually works out for them as well. Your inital engagements with the USN especially are generally pretty even in terms of unit composition a lot of how things will develope is hinged on how the dice fall.


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    One thing that is really frustrating regarding the IJN vs the USN is that the US can replace their losses much easier than Japan.  For one thing, Japan makes much less than the US and they have to take over a lot of area to even get close to matching the US economically.  So, Japan has to balance between buying fleet and transports and land units to conquer and occupy the territories they need for that.  Meanwhile, the US can afford to just keep buying warships to replace any losses, even if they invest some in the Atlantic.
    On the other hand, if the US is so busy attacking the Japanese, it may give Germany enough time to win the war for the Axis in Europe.  Sometimes the only way to win it is as a team.  This is why I don’t understand why so many people keep saying Global 1940 is so unbalanced toward the Allies and it is so hard for the Axis to win.  In our games, the Axis win most of the time.  Either the Allies end up pounding Japan, which gives Germany/Italy enough time to get the 8 VCs or the Allies go after Germany and Japan goes crazy in the Pacific and gets the 6 VCs.  To me, it seems much harder for the Allies to stop both Axis from winning.

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    Japan should play cat and mouse in the Pacific when faced with a growing US fleet. Best to get as many land units across the water as you can and get at least 2 minors built before a superior American fleet traps you. When that happens, make sure that your fleet is together getting defense rolls and is positioned in a Kamakaze sea zone.

  • Japan is m fav country to play and like many other players I try not to get into static purchaces,  as its easy to counter.  I employ this strat to quickly balance the navy between the US and Japan, forcing US to build more on the pacific side.  Generally the first 2 or 3 turns i play with japan I purchace transports and ground units, I try to get as many troops to the main land so by turn 3  you have so many troops you can afford to slowly filter planes off the mainland to newly bought carriers.  I also load the land up because I find when I go to take the DEI this usually weakens my mainland leaving openings for China an UK.

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