Biggest german mistake

  • What do you think is the biggest german mistake?? is it that the nazis attacked london, take kiev and not advancing on moscow, or something other?

  • Hitler’s biggest mistake was breaking the nonaggression pact with Stalin; together they could have ruled the galaxy as father and son.  Second biggest mistake was indecision and splitting forces between Stalingrad and Caucasus.  Third biggest mistake was bad logistics (no winter clothing etc.).  Fourth biggest mistake was failing to take advantage of anticommunist sentiment in Ukraine and mobilizing them rather than crushing them on racial lines.  In the game, this last point is kind of addressed because of the Ukraine minor IC - I like to think of units mobilized there as the Ukrainian army that Hitler missed out on.

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    Hitler taking MILITARY command…

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    This was recently discussed in this thread:, where quite a few people shared their thoughts on this subject.

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    Hitler should have just stopped the war after May 1941 and just fight UK and take her colonies and use his pact with Stalin to co-capture the Middle-East and finish off India. After 10 years of consolidation of capturing most of Europe and finishing off UK, invade the Soviet Union with the full enjoyment of all the jet fighters, super heavy tanks and greater war making capacity.

    So i guess invading Soviet Union was the worst mistake and not using them as true allies until you didn’t need them anymore and causing a two front war.

    Hitler should break any military treaty with Japan and try to 5th column USA with sympathizers to keep US neutrality.

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