Has anyone planned to attack the true neutrals?

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    We called that Kill America First and Larry outlawed it, cts17.

    I dont think he outlawed it, he just made it harder. The text now read - Japan can not end naval movement in sz within 2 spaces away from US territories and islands, when US is not yet at war. If they do, that is a DOW. Japan is still allowed to attack USA, they just cant park a big fleet next to it when at peace.

    The KAF strategy used to be to station yourself 2 spaces away from Panama/W. USA so that when you attack you can hit both places before America has time to build up.  By dissallowing you from getting that close, America has an extra round to build counter-units that should make it too costly to even try a Kill America First strategy.  It was glorious when it worked.  Effectively gave the Axis all the time in the world to win since the biggest power house was removed. (I still think it’s ridiculous how much America earns compared to everyone else.  That 10 IPC NO in my opinion should be removed or changed into +5 if Calcutta is free and +5 if Sydney is free, as both of those are actually taken in some games, W. USA will probably never fall with the changes to the Japan rules.)

    My opinion, of course.

    From my perspective, having actually pulled off the attack a few times against decent to moderately skilled opponents, is that the whole thing rests on a J3 attack on W. USA and Panama.  The German attack on E. USA is just the coup-de-gras and the icing on the cake was a hit on C. USA if America had not prepared well enough.

  • It is a theoretical strat to kill US first.

    Japan must take Sovjet Far East and build a Naval Base there, and move a big fleet to sz 4. Then Germany must move some Bombers there, and clear the path in G4.

    At the same time Germany must take Iceland and build a Naval Base there, and move a big fleet there. Then Italy must move some Bombers there, to clear a path in I3.

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    The original strategy was no secret what Japan was doing.  It was hauling units back and dropping serious money on transports.  The idea was to get them next to W. USA/Panama or one space away so you could close the Canal and take W. USA before America could build enough to stop you.  Meanwhile, the Germans had to be in SZ 91 with some transports of its own, it was like 10 transports and units in Gibraltar./SZ 91 so they could attack E. USA or E. Canada.  That made it so America lost Panama and W. USA but could build enough to stop an E. USA attack but not enough toliberate W. USA and E. Canada.

    It was almost unstoppable.  Or rather, I have never seen anyone stop it.  (Putting that disclaimer on so that Jimmy/Jim dont start threads about how to stop Operation American Eagle, etc.)

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