• Is it just me, or is this year an excellent movie year? I mean, there are so many good movies coming out this year, its almost ridiculous. Off the top of my head, the standalones are Tears of the Sun, Anger Management, and Daredevil (not the best, but pretty good I thought). Then you also have the sequels, T3, X2, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions, and the god of all movies, Return of the King. Im probably forgetting some, but even just with what I have here, I could not be more satisfied for movies this year.

  • LOL, coincidentally I work at a video rental store (YES, one of the national corporations you’ve heard of.) 😛

    You forgot:

    The Recruit
    Die Another Day
    Hot Chick

    and the best of all of them: THE TRANSPORTER

    If you haven’t seen the transporter, I suggest you go out and rent it immediately! It didn’t get a lot of coverage in the theaters, but man…it’s definetely the best action flick I’ve seent this year.

  • i’ve heard the same.
    and you missed The Italian Job
    (or as my ever-so-hip g/f dubbed it at the theater when requesting tickets “The Italian Bl*w Job” . . . ).

  • '19 Moderator

    Have you heard about the new Rob Zombei flik I thnk its called 28 days

    And I’m not a big Johny Dep fan but that Pirate movie looks pretty cool.

  • Since I live in Denmark, all those great movies won´t be avaiable to me until several months after they´re done in the cinemas in the US.

    So what you´re saying is I have a ot of great movies to look forward to?

  • Jan_,
    T3, X2 & Reloaded? Sequels!?!

    T3 is an old geezer reliving his glory days. Will they use computer graphics to youthanize Ahnold or go with the real thing?

    X wasn’t that good so, what’s to look forward to? Oh, yeah, it’s a familiar title. whoopie.(note the de-emphasis)

    And Reload! Well, we went over that thoroughly in a recent forum(look down the list.)

    I am in agreeance 🙂 with DS and cc.

    I must be getting old! I read/feel like
    I’m tring to join the maxpostgeezerclub.

  • X2 deserves credit. My favorite movie of the year so far.

    Can’t wait for T3.

    Return of the King is either going to be the movie of all time for me, or it will suck 🙂

    Charlies Angels 2 will beat great I think.

    Matrix 2 and 3! First one great movie, hopefully the third will be too!

  • I must be getting old! I read/feel like
    I’m tring to join the maxpostgeezerclub.

    El Hefe

    Considering you joined after me, but have amassed a lot more posts, I´d have to concur 😉

  • yea, those are good movies too, except The Transporter, Die Another Day and The Hot Chick were last year. Not to mention Die Another Day Sucked. X2 was a good movie, even though Xmen sucked. Charlies Angels 2 will suck yanny, dont be a great guy.

  • @dezrtfish:

    And I’m not a big Johny Dep fan but that Pirate movie looks pretty cool.

    Does look cool…I’m not a very big Johnny Depp fan either, lol but Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was the coolest 😄 “Careful…this is bat country.” Ohhh yes! heh heh I love that movie. Don’t really know him from any other movies though…

    Matrix Reloaded was awesome, liked The Italian Job too 🙂 Edward Norton’s gotta be one of my fav actors.

  • The Italian Job was great!

    But, Charlie’s Angels? Get real!!! They had NO GUNS, but THEY ALWAYS END UP KICKING BASS! If I was the Bad Guy in a CA movie it’d be over in one clip!

    Lotsa target practice… 🙂

  • actully all the movies stated are pretty good, exept for the ones i have not seen yet. however i disagree with janus and agree with Yanman, CA doesnt look that bad i mean i wouldnt pay to see it i wouldnt mind watching it.

    “Its up to you, not to act, the way you were brought up”

    • The Clash

    UR A FAG!!!

  • i disagree with you dasewok. CA will be a terrible movie. the first movie was ridiculously bad, and CA will probably be worse (thus, sequel). it is simply eye candy. its the kind of movie i would watch without any sound on, so i could just see the visuals and not listen to the pathetic dialogue. yanny, you great cow, i object to you altering my post, i would never call you a great guy. <slaps you="" with="" a="" virtual="" glove="">i challenge you to a duel!</slaps>

  • '19 Moderator

    I saw FInding Nemo this weekend, it was pretty good. Di dI mention I have a 3 and 4 year old?

    I was a great movie for kids but they through in some adult content that was over the heads of kids so I actualy enjoyed it.

    The sharks in the 12 step group was hilarious.

  • Uh oh! Jan_ is a dead poster!

    dzfish, I caught that in the commercial. Cannot wait to see it w/my kidz. 🙂

  • Anyone seen “League of extraordinary gentlemen”?
    I would like to hear some commetns, it’s about to start here soon, and i liked the trailers and the comic…. so anyone know more?

  • I saw a movie the other night that was quite fascinating. It’s called Equilibrium and was released late last year. It’s about a distopia that was formed after a third world war and the ensuing nuclear holocaust (kind of tried, I know). The novel part of it is that the war so moved the leaders of the post-war world that they decided to end war by ending the source of most human conflicts, emotion. The suppression of emotion is accomplished by taking a drug every few hours and anyone caught feeling is convicted of a sense-crime and summarily exicuted by an organization called the Grammatron Cleric. If you haven’t seen it I recomend it highly, it’s probably one of the best sci-fi films of the past few years.

  • LXG doesnt come out till july here Falk, so I havent seen it yet, but from the previews ive seen, and the website, it looks very good, i cannot wait to see it. Also, Sean Connery is god (not literally, since god does not exist) 🙂

  • Equilibrium rules….
    gun katas …YAY 🙂

  • indeed, F_alk. Gun Kata is amazing. The first scene is simply incredible. It made me wonder how big those clips were, luckily they explain that later.

  • I know that Matrix: Revolutions is coming out in theatres in November, but I think I’m going to be in jail by then :-?.. it’s a shame, cuz I was really looking forward to seeing that in theatres! So you think once they have all 3 released, maybe in the future they’ll have some kinda Matrix thing where they play all 3 in a row in the theatre?

  • I have seen “Requiem for a dream” yesterday. Even though this movie might be older than this year …. still… a movie that left me speechless. Impressive, though not nice at all.

  • Yes, Requiem for a Dream was very disturbing, but very thought provoking. Definately not something I would watch for fun. That movie wants to make me curl up in a dark corner, think about it for a few hours and then die.

  • You all must see “Gummo”…VERY disturbing

  • HULK!!!

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