Jodl - and waging wars of agression.

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    Guilty?  Or Innocent?

    • He was convicted and hanged at Nuremberg, then subsequently aquitted 10 or so years later…  Quite a thing to achieve after death.

    And what exactly is “waging a war of aggression”  And is that really a crime IN YOUR OPINION?

    Thoughts…. Comments… please 🙂

  • Guilt or innocence is a hard thing to quantify, so im not even going to touch that part of it, but on the waging a war of aggression, I can comment.

    I dont think it is a crime to wage a war of aggresion, atleast not one they should hang you for. It is said that when a country wages it is only justified in doing so in defense of itself. How do you quantify something like that though? Japan felt that the US was threating it, threating to cut it off from needed raw materials and strangle their country.
    Japan felt that they were acting in defense of themselves by attacking the US and the allies, were they wrong?

    Jodl was a career solider, raising in the ranks and working his way to the top. He was no different from the 1,000s of other men who did the same thing, spent their life in the military, and did what they were ordered to do. In a totalitarian state like Nazi Germany one man and his cloest cronied have total control on everything the state does. Jodl wasnt one of them, and he had very limited control over what the German armies did or where they went, that rested with Hitler and his thugs. Hitler told Jodl what he wanted done, and Jodl was left to figure out how to go about it. To have expected him to disobey Hitlers would have been expecting him to commit suicide.

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