Has anyone heard anything from the A&A painting artist "Allworkandnoclay"?

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    Hello group,

    ––I was wonderring if anyone knows when the artist “Allworkandnoclay” will be rejoining this forum. He does AWESOME work painting A&A units as is shown by his pics in the 1940-Global disusion area and his “flickr” site.

    ––By reading through all the messages there and elsewhere concerning this talented painter I know that he sometimes takes vacations to exotic places.

    ----I am very interested in purchasing 100-1000 of his painted units if I could get in touch with him.

    ----Can anyone help me out??? Thanks everyone,

    “Tall Paul”

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    Hey Paul,

    I’ve been in contact with Chad in the past. Go to his website allworkandnoclay.com and contact him via email. Hopefully he will respond to you. I concur his stuff is great and he encouraged me to do my own painting again which came out great (check out the painted Guadalcanal in the AAGC forum). The only drawback to having him paint for you is I’m not sure he’s even had time to finish his own set yet. I think he even sold off some of his pieces already…

  • mm that website comes up with a virus threat on avg

  • I got that same virus threat warning!
    But not from his Flikr account

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    Oh, BTW I’ve found him and he’s already completed several dozen of his truly AWESOME paint jobs for me. Thanks everyone who assisted me in my search.

    “Tall Paul”

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    What’s your running cost for a fully painted set of say… one nation?

    Is it per piece or?

    Like if I take my Europe, OOB set of German pieces, and send them to him, what would you expect the price range to be?

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