• I recently realized the alpha 2+ rules are the official global rules. I was disappointed with one thing because it screwed my axis strategy completely–the scrambling rule that you can only scramble 3 planes. With the rules out of the box, I would make a “wall” with Japan by putting ftrs and tacs on Japan and the Caroline Islands for when the US comes with its huge force. With that, I could choose whether to defend the sz or to attack their navy.

    Since you can no longer do this, how can Japan win in the Pacific? (assuming US does KJF)

  • If US does KJF, Japan cannot, and should not, win.  There’d be some pretty big questions to be asked if Japan could win against 100% of America’s resources.
    The game comes down to whether the Axis can win in Europe.

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    One thing that I have found that works for Japan when the US tries a KJF strategy is getting as much land force and airplanes on the mainland as possible before USA can come to get you, which is usually not until after round 3.  Afterward, make sure you have lots of defense for Japan itself and keep buying men to defend with.  The US will probably be able to dominate SZ 6 with a strong naval presence, but actually invading Japan is a whole other matter.  That will take lots of transports, men and equipment to overcome your stacks of infantry.
    Meanwhile, while your fleet may not be big enough to take on the US fleet in SZ 6, it will be more than a match for the UK and ANZAC navies.  Japan can scoop up the DEI for all that extra cash and the large land force can drive steadily into China, Russia and even UK territory.  You might even still be able to take Calcutta or Sydney or even both.  So while the US will be convoy raiding you like crazy in SZ 6, you will still be making a lot of money from Asian and South Pacific territories.  Plus if you do take one or both of those capitals, you can use their production facilities to start building more warships and/or planes to possibly challenge the US fleet and save your home waters.  Always keep up the infantry purchases on Japan though, as many as you can.  You don’t want to make the mistake of thinking you have enough and go short on defense of your capital.
    Also, ALWAYS keep at least 3 fighters on Japan.  They will help tear up US troops if they do invade.  If the US fleet leaves SZ 6 to come after you, then the US transports won’t be able to invade Japan because you can scramble those fighters and chase them away.
    This strategy certainly won’t win the game for Japan, but it can drag the game out long enough for your Axis buddies in Europe to capture Moscow and/or London and win the game overall.

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    If the US adopts a KJF strategy (kill Japan First), then it makes it just about impossible for Japan to win via victory cities… the US resources are just too great.

    If this is the strategy that the Allies adopt, the Axis MUST win in Europe… and that means defeating the Soviet Union.  As the Germans, you have to exploit the lack of US resources into your theater.

    1. With Germany, I would suggest a true Barbarossa where you attack hard into Russia on turn 2 and commit to defeating the USSR with maximum resources

    2. With Italy, throw EVERYTHING into the middle east and try to open up a front in the Caucases

    3)  With Japan, attack Russia in the early game with superior air power and do everything that you can to limit IPC’s in the first 3 turns.

  • To add my two cents -

    I’d define what you mean by win.

    In this case, winning would mean holding on while Axis forces in Europe took the game. So… you have to magnify your strengths.

    What is your main strength as Japan? Air power. What is the best way to harness air power with Japan? Carriers. Carriers are a force multiplier - a Carrier group will often allow you to bring double the aircraft on offense, if you position yourself well. On defense, they speak for themselves.

    Carrier purchases are also about timing. The further the US gets from their supply line, the more they’re getting into your area of resupply. Nothing is more frustrating to the US player than sizing up your fleet, moving in and putting Japan in a compromised position, and watching Japan purchase 2 Carriers on the same turn… for 32 IPCs, your navy just gained eight more hits to kill it.

    Also, position yourself defensively in kamikaze zones, to amplify your defense. And if you have to use them in a major battle, I’d suggest choosing six different one-hit units (destroyers and cruisers), so that you don’t waste any good rolls, and remove offense off the board immediately.

  • Agreed.  Once Japan realizes that it is not going to win, it can pull its air power off the mainland (where victory is) and into the sea (where they can better stall America).
    For several turns, until it can no longer afford to take planes off the continent, Japan effectively gets 37 IPCs of naval power for only 16 IPCs. 
    It’s not a winning strategy, but that’s not the idea.

  • If Japan is going down, the first thing I do is try and save money.  I want to be able to repair any damage and build 1 DD when US leaves and I am facing subs.

    On the Kamikaze thing, I would counsel using 5, saving 1.  Saving even one means that the US cannot invade any kamikaze zone without an escort.  Now of course if Japan is under threat, then use all 6.  I also like sending 2 against a BB.  Even though its not going to remove dice, but any hits are going to be his first casualties anyways, and a fraction of the time you’ll get 2 hits!

  • If for kamikaze you target an AC, you sink it, do the planes die too?

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    On the Kamikaze thing, I would counsel using 5, saving 1.  Saving even one means that the US cannot invade any kamikaze zone without an escort.

    Of course, US can do just that since Kamis can’t shoot at transports…

  • Doh, thats right.  I misspoke, you save one if concerned Japan might be invaded by US.  It can stop bombards and is cheaper than throwing a ftr away doing it.

    So only save a kami if you think Japan is about to be invaded.

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