The comet will come..

  • Well,we’ve had a good run.We tamed fire,invented the wheel,learned to grow our own food and built marvelous cities and structures.But after reading these depressing threads,I have come to the conclusion there is no hope for humanity.That “Star Trek future” where there is no war,etc aint gonna happen.No space travel.No end to all diseases.No,instead the Comet will come and then BBOOOOMMM!! its all over. To quote Bill S “If it be now,tis not to come;if it be not to come,it will be now;if it not now,yet it will come.”

  • Ha! Haven’t you seen The Simpsons? There was a comet coming for them, but they found some way to destroy it or deflect it or something. If we can remember what they did, there’s hope for us yet.

    (and of course there’s Armageddon style 8). The movie, I mean.)

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